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Marion obstetrics and gynecology was established by David W. Foulk, MD, more than three decades ago. Dr. Foulk did an internship and residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mt. Carmel Hospital, serving as the chief resident and then moved back to Marion to practice. He is a well-decorated doctor with several awards and recognitions in OB/GYN for his many patients. 

Services Offered At Marion OB/GYN Inc. 

· Birth Control

As a sexually active adult, you need to take stringent measures to avoid getting pregnant when you are least ready. On your first visit, you are educated on the available contraception methods before getting the best. The experts also provide sex education for women from a tender age to reduce the spread of STDs and unplanned pregnancies. The team also specializes in IUD insertion and maintenance. 

· Skin Care Products

Marion OB/GYN has a wide range of skincare products from Obagi Medical. Do not let hyperpigmentation, premature aging of the skin, sun damage, acne, and skin damage mess up your confidence. The team also uses laser technology to help you get the perfect skin. 

· Emsculpt

The Emsculpt treatment is used to target specific muscles in the body in both male and female patients. You can target muscles on your thighs, arms, calves, buttocks, and abdominals to get the perfect shape. The treatments give you a healthier and stronger appearance with a well-toned and lean body. 

· Tempsure

At Marion OB/GYN, you can reduce the sagging of the skin on your arms, face, and vaginal region. The therapy uses radiofrequency energy in tightening your skin and stimulating more production of collagen. The doctor determines your eligibility for the TempSure laser therapy depending on the treatment area and health of your skin. 

· Laser Skin Removal

Rosacea, acne, aging, and excess body and facial hair can cost lots of resources to remedy. Dr. Foulk uses Sciton® laser to reduce the signs of aging on your skin. It helps the skin to regenerate by traveling deep into the skin layers and stimulating the production of collagen and fiber to strengthen your skin. 

· Obstetric Care

the health of a mother and an unborn child, is important in every stage. Dr. Foulk and his team get through the stages of pregnancy smoothly from the preconception stage. The growth of your baby is monitored at each step to ensure that you get a safe delivery. You receive regular tests, nutritional guidance, support, and medication for your health. 

· Gynecological Care

Dr. Foulk leads a team of handpicked gynecologists to ensure that the women in Mario have good reproductive health. The team recommends that your daughter should make her first visit, most preferably between thirteen and fifteen. The team uses state of the art equipment to notice problems and remedy them from an early stage. 

· Hysterectomy

At Marion OB/GYN Inc, you can undergo a surgical procedure to get rid of parts in your reproductive system in case of severe gynecological conditions. You can get a partial or full hysterectomy depending on recommendations from the Doctor. The team is ready to provide follow up screening to provide further recommendations and guidance if necessary. 

· CoolSculpting

When exercise and diet fail, a CoolSculpt helps you to get rid of saddlebags, muffin tops, love handles, and double chins. The painless process gets rid of unwanted fat to give you a well-sculpted figure. The FDA-approved procedure ensures that fat cells do not regenerate. The duration of treatment might differ depending on individual requirements. 

· Cosmetic Fillers

At Marion OB/GYN Inc., you can maintain a youthful look for years. You can get rid of marionette lines, plump lips, reshape cheekbones, smooth out the ‘11’s, or rejuvenate the hands. The team uses Restylane® or Sculptra® in the process. The services are available for men and women in Marion, Ohio, and its environs. 

You can call 740-204-6667 to book an appointment or make an inquiry at Marion OB/GYN in a few minutes. The team is oriented towards providing quality care in Marion, Ohio, and its environs.

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