Skin Cancer: Is It A Sentence?

is skin cancer a death sentence melanoma survival odds

Did you know that about 20% of Americans develop cancer by age 70? Further to that, approximately two people die every hour from skin conditions. Based on these statistics, this condition could be fatal, and a visit to a dermatology physician assistant in Chevy Chase will come in handy for you. 

Typically, skin cancer highlights an abnormal growth of skin cells, especially after exposure to the sun. Usually, they appear as flat reddish or even brownish patches on the skin. To top it, they tend to be scaly as well as rough and crusted. This condition could affect anyone, regardless of their age. 

Mostly, skin cancer affects body parts that tend to be more exposed to the sun. For instance, the chances are that your face, scalp, ears, lips, limbs, and chest are more vulnerable to the condition. It could also affect your palms and even your genital area. 

Types Of Skin Cancer 

There are three prevalent types of skin cancer, each coming with distinct symptoms. They include the following. 

· Basal Cell Carcinoma 

In most cases, this condition tends to affect body parts exposed to the sun, including the neck and your face. It will appear as a waxy or pearly bump or a flesh-colored lesion. You could also witness scabbing as well as bleeding sores on the skin. If these sores are open, they could either ooze or crust with time, and some could either heal or not. 

· Squamous Cell Carcinoma 

This condition often occurs on the ears, face, as well as the hands. While at it, persons with darker skin tones could end up with this type of cancer, even in areas that are hardly exposed to the sun. They usually come as scaly, crusted surfaces with flat lesions. Additionally, they could appear as red, yet firm nodules on the skin. 

· Melanoma 

This condition is the most common type of skin cancer, and it could develop on any part of the body. While it appears on the face and trunk of most men, it is prevalent on women’s lower legs. Besides, it could easily develop without necessarily being exposed to the sun. One of its most ordinary signs includes bleeding moles that change in color. You will also experience painful itching or burning lesions. These lesions are typically dark, and they are common on your palms, anus, genital area, the lining of your mouth, and fingertips. 

Aside from the three types of skin cancer mentioned above, one could also get lesser-known infections. Some of these least-known skin cancer conditions include Merkel cell carcinoma, Sebaceous gland carcinoma, and Kaposi sarcoma. 


Mostly, surgery will come in handy in treating these cancers. However, if you cannot undergo this procedure, you will be free to choose radiation therapy. Usually, the choice of treatment is dependent on the severity of the condition and the location of cancer. As such, let the expert guide you accordingly. 

As long as you witness any of the symptoms mentioned above, ensure that you visit an expert. This way, you will avoid fatality. How about you talk to Dr. Ali Hendi today?

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