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Women of all ages require medical care from a top gynecologist to ensure wholesome body wellness. You can get excellent services at Adventist Health under the supervision of Dr. John H. Kirk if you are looking for solutions to treat fibroids in Napa

Dr. Kirk is a board-certified obstetrics and gynecology specialist with considerable training and experience. He graduated with a medical degree from Yale School of Medicine and conducted his residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, located in Los Angeles. He works with passion and commitment and educates medical students and colleagues on surgical applications in the country. 

He is a specialist in all aspects of women's wellness including menopause, childbirth, and pregnancy. He treats the whole of women’s wellness and focuses on diagnosing and treating any problem for optimal women's health. 

Why Choose To Get Treated At Adventist Health 

Apart from getting healthcare from a well trained and experienced OB-GYN, there are other excellent reasons for you to love the facility. Dr. Kirk seeks to employ minimally invasive techniques and reduce the use of medications to offer effective treatments. 

Some of the procedures that you will get include smaller incisions, scar-less and incision-less procedures. Therefore, the solutions offered result in minimal damage to tissues. The doctor also focuses on ensuring that each patient receives personalized treatment plans since each woman has a unique body. 

Fibroid Treatment 

Fibroids are growths that can form on or in the walls of the uterus. Three types of fibroids exist depending on where they grow in the womb; Submucosal fibroids that form in the womb, Subserosal fibroids that grow outside the womb, and Intramural fibroids that develop inside the uterine walls. 

Fibroids range in size with some being as small as a grain of rice, while others can reach the size of a grapefruit. These fibroids can be disruptive and may interfere with a woman's fertility. 

Symptoms Of Fibroids 

There are some symptoms associated with fibroids, including: 

· Constipation 
· Heavy periods 
· Frequent urination 
· Problems emptying the bladder 
· Periods that last more than a week 

Fibroid Diagnosis At The Center 

The doctor at the facility can diagnose fibroids during your routine pelvic examinations. If he suspects that you may have fibroids, he can order for additional testing such as lab work, hysteroscopy, or ultrasound. The ultrasound can confirm the diagnosis and enable the doctor to measure the fibroids. Fibroid Treatment At the facility, the doctor develops a customized treatment plan for you and ensures minimal pain and injury for women. The team led by Dr. Kirk will provide advice and consultations, helping you choose the right treatment option. The doctor can advise on nonsurgical solutions such as medication. The medication can shrink fibroids and reduce pain. 

If nonsurgical solutions prove to be ineffective, you can be treated through modern techniques. For instance, Dr. Kirk can use robotic surgery to remove fibroids. It uses keyhole incisions, ensuring there are minimal pain and injury. The center has been offering robotic surgery since 2004, making them one of the earliest users of the technology. 

Find The Right OB/GYN Doctor In California

If you have fibroid problems, you can book for an appointment and get a checkup to determine the best treatment option. You will receive excellent care to ensure you live a healthy life.

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