Comprehensive Chiropractic Care In Titusville

comprehensive chiropractic care

Pain can make any task you are planning to undertake a nightmare. With excellent chiropractic care, you will get back in peak condition to accomplish your daily activities. At Daly Integrated Medical Group, you will find a top Titusville chiropractic physician who offers excellent chiropractic healthcare solutions to all patients. 

Dr. David Daly leads the team at the facility and their top priority is getting patients back in optimal condition. They are trained to ensure that the body efficiently heals from pains. They develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient, ensuring that you get services suited to your body. 

Conditions Treated At The Facility 

For chiropractic care, the team at the facility has a wide range of chiropractic care services that supports the patients' musculoskeletal system. Among the conditions that are treated at the facility include; 

· Neck pains 
· Joint pains 
· Headaches and migraines 
· Sciatica 
· Chronic pain conditions 
· Sport-related injuries 
· Knee pain 
· Shoulder pains 
· Whiplash 
· Hip pain 
· Myofascial pain 
· Osteoarthritis 
· Strains 
· Herniated discs 
· Carpal tunnel syndrome 

These conditions are treatable using noninvasive, chiropractic care solutions. At the clinic, you will receive top-quality care to ensure your body is pain-free. 

What Encompasses Chiropractic Care At Daly Integrated Medical Group? 

Chiropractic care is a complementary form of medicine that focuses on the patient’s spine. There are drugs involved with the specialist using hands-on approaches to relieve pains experienced by patients. The main objective of chiropractic care is to relieve pain, align the spine, and improve body wellness. 

With spinal manipulation, the specialist uses precision pressure on the patient’s spine to correct alignment issues that hamper healthy living. The approaches used at the facility include; 

· Acupuncture 
· Platelet-rich plasma therapy 
· Massage therapy 
· Regenerative medicine 
· Spinal decompression 

What Is The Musculoskeletal System? 

This is the system of the body that plays two main roles which are support and movement. It is made up of two systems; the skeletal and muscular systems. The musculoskeletal comprises hard and soft tissues integrated to enable the body to perform essential functions like walking and supporting weight. 

The hard tissues include cartilages, joints, and bones, while soft tissues include nerves, tendons, muscles, ligaments, and synovial membranes. 

What To Expect During Your Chiropractic Adjustment Session 

When you come in for chiropractic care, the specialist will first conduct a physical examination to pinpoint the cause of your problem. After a diagnosis, the doctor will then decide on a customized treatment plan. An X-Ray is sometimes conducted to get a clearer picture of the condition and determine the best action to take. 

If you require a spinal adjustment, the doctor can perform it at the facility. Since there are no medications or anesthesia, there is no downtime after the session and you will be free to get back to daily routines immediately. 

You lie face down on the treatment table, and the chiropractor applies sharp and precise force to realign your spine safely. It is normal to hear a pop or crack sound, but it is no cause for alarm. It happens to relieve pressure on your spine and alleviate the pain you might be feeling. 

Keep Up With Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

You can book an appointment at Daly Integrated Medical Group if you have any of the above pain conditions. You will be able to alleviate any pain to be able to perform daily tasks without any challenges.

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