Chloramine Filtration Water Filter Installation

chloramine filtration water filter installation

There are so many contaminants that are present in the normal tap water which may lead you to unhealthiness and sickness. But most people will surely not want to drink or use the water that has many harmful contaminants such as lead, chlorine, chloramines, iron, and many other contaminants. So it will be beneficial for people to install a water filter system that will make the water healthy and pure. Whether you are using the normal tap water for drinking or you are using it for bathing or washing clothes, it is harmful to your healthy life. The best thing that almost everyone is using to keep themselves and their family members safe. 

The chloramine filtration system is what most people are installing at their homes for the removal of impurities. This type of water filtration system will be able to remove the contaminants when the water will enter your home. So the chloramine filtration system needs to be installed at the point before the water will enter the main fixture at your home. It will surely reduce the contaminants in the main water line before it will enter through the home. 

In this article, we are going to provide you information about how you can be able to install the chloramine filtration system. You will just have to follow one simple and easy procedure in order to install the water filtration system. We are going to guide you with a step by step procedure on installing a house water filter system. So that you can be able to use clean and healthy water to cook, bathe, drink, etc. It will be beneficial for you to follow all the steps that we did mention here carefully to install the chloramine filtration system. 

Procedure For The Chloramine Filtration System Installation 

In order to install the chloramine filtration system, you will just have to follow the simple and easy steps. Here is the step by step guide that will help you to install the water filter system at your home. 

Choose Filter Location

First of all, you will have to choose the filter location which is easily accessible for you or any other person. You will have to access the place where you are going to install the water filter for so many times. It is because you will have to change the filter cartridges whenever it is time to replace them with a new one. Also, you need to be sure that no obstacles will come in the water while the installation is in the process. You will have to select a position near the main water shut off valve and ensure that the filter is by the wall or floor joist. 

Cut The Pipe Appropriately 

After ensuring that the water supply is off, you will have to mark the pipe at the exact location. You have to also follow the manufacturer's instructions and make sure that you have to cut the pipe enough to accommodate the filter. You can use the tube cutter to make two cuts at the marks. Then you will have to remove the section of the pipe where you will place the filter. Remove burrs on the cut pipe with the help of a reamer or a deburring tool. 

Assemble Parts And Install The Filter 

• Install a shut-off valve 
• Dry fit all the fittings to ensure a good connection. 
• Fittings will include a compression nut, ferrule, and fittings to connect a waterline for the incoming and outgoing sides of the filter assembly. 
• Use PTFE taps for fittings 
• Also, you will need an adaptor to join your size and type of pipe 

Add A Grounding Jumper Cable If Needed 

As some older homes use metal water pipes, you will have to determine the water filter system has a ground wire attached securely. You will just have to make sure the installation of grounding clamps to the metal pipes on either side of the filter. Also, secure a length of the heavy-gauge wire from clamp to clamp and secure the tightness of the wire. This way, you can be able to install the chloramine filtration system yourself at home. 

DIYers with just a moderate amount of experience can be able to install carbon chloramine filtration. If you are going to follow all these steps carefully and appropriately. Then you will surely be able to install the chloramine filtration system. As you know that the water filter system is essential for the healthiness of you and your family members, you must have to install it. 

If you have any kind of difficulty or if you are facing any kind of problems installing the water filter system. Then you can follow the step by step instruction that we are providing you in this article. It will be beneficial for you to have the chloramine filtration system at your home. So that you can enjoy clean and healthy water in each and every faucet in your home.

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