Does Sweating Detox Your Body?

does sweating detox body thc detoxing pass drug test

Heck yeah! 

Sweating is one of the ways your body deals with waste. When you sweat, your body expels metabolites and free radicals that would have ordinarily showed up in your drug test. 

If you have to undergo a urine test in a short time and don't know what to do to cleanse your body in time before your test, we would advise that you undertake physical activities that would cause you to sweat and accelerate your body's natural detoxification process. 

Because THC and most other drugs are lipid-soluble, they tend to get absorbed and retained in body fats. Exercise and physical activities that cause you to sweat can help you to naturally accelerate your detoxification process. As the fat is burned through, free drug radicals and metabolites are rapidly released and expelled from your body through the sweat glands and bladder. 

But there is even more that you can do to help yourself. 

Consume lots of fluid

Water and other non-caffeinated drinks are a good way to increase your water level, which inadvertently would cause you to want to empty your bladder more frequently or if you are engaged in physical exercise, cause you to sweat more. 

Like we have said, go slow on caffeinated beverages as caffeine interferes with healthy drug metabolism and make it difficult for the liver to process residual THC. 

Eat Healthy

With or without a drug test in sight, it's always a good idea to eat healthy. Besides the obvious benefits of a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet can actually accelerate your natural detoxification process. 

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can significantly speed up your natural detox by expelling cannabinoids through bowel movement. 

Detox The Quick Way 

Natural detoxification can take time. While it is the best approach, the expedient nature of your test might not afford you the opportunity to detoxify naturally. So, what do you do when you need to detoxify now? 

We have listed a few methods below that will get you through your urine test in no time. 

THC Flush Beverages 

THC detox beverages or flush beverages are specially formulated beverages that can help you flush out drug metabolites from your body system quick. They are ideal for individuals who need to undergo an impromptu urine test. 

The flush beverage can help you achieve a clean bill in a urine test by cleansing out your bladder of all forms of THC residue in the urine. 

This approach works only temporarily and does not fully cleanse your system of cannabis. It only provides a limited time during which your urine is clean. After the effect wears off, cannabis compounds will slowly re-enter your pee, causing positive drug test results again. 

Detox Pills 

THC detox pills like the flush beverages are only temporary solutions for your detox problems. The effects of the pills can take some time before they kick in but once they do, you should rest assured of a clean result on your drug test. 

Ideally, you are expected to take the pills at least 2 days before your scheduled test. 

Detox Kits 

Most detox kits, this research states, are the best marijuana quick flush products available on the market. The beauty of the detox kit is its ability to permanently cleanse your system of all traces of drug residue. The kit would usually include pre-cleanse pills and dietary fibres, which you should ingest before a urine test. 

Detox kits are the perfect drug detox solution if you need to pass a drug test.

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