5 Home Office Mistakes To Avoid For Remote Workers

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The Covid-19 pandemic forced 62% of Americans to start working from home. Were you one of them? 

If so, then you've likely become all-too-familiar with the struggles of telecommuting. Are you having trouble focusing throughout the day? Are you struggling to keep up with your work obligations? 

It may surprise you to learn that common home office mistakes could be the source of your problems. Correct the following five faux pas, and you'll become a work-from-home all-star in no time. 

1. Failing To Set Up A Desk 

Working from home means lounging on the couch, right? It means taking conference calls from your bed, right? 


The number one home office fail you could make is not setting up a desk. If you don't have a workspace, then you'll always struggle to get things done. You could also cause health issues down the road, too. Even though laptops are mobile, they're not meant to get used for hours on your bed or couch. Instead, set up an office desk that's comfortable. 

2. Not Checking Your Connections 

Working from home is only possible because of the world wide web. If you're not connected well, then you'll struggle. It will take you longer to do tasks and keep you on edge. 

Invest in a WiFi Sensor to help keep the tech-end of things working well. 

3. Putting Your Office In A Common Area 

Setting up your desk isn't enough. Like valuable real estate, it's all about location. 

Setting up your office in the living room, your bedroom, or the kitchen is a recipe for disaster. Doing so already establishes a lack of boundaries. Family members, looming chores, and distractions are sure to damper your productivity. 

Opt to put your desk in a separate room if you can. If that's not possible, then try to keep it separate from where your family congregates. 

4. Not Investing In Your Office 

Another home office mistake is to not invest in it. If you throw together a workspace without thought, then how invested will you be in using it? 

Devote time to organizing and creating your work environment. Invest in quality chairs, computers, and equipment. 

5. Making A Desk Nest 

Having everything within reach sounds ideal, but such accessibility can be problematic, too. Don't make the mistake of making your home office desk a nest. 

Consider how often you get up from your desk at work. You don't sit there for six hours straight. If you sit at your desk all day at home, then you run the risk of developing health problems. 

Avoid The Top Home Office Mistakes And Get Productive 

These common home office mistakes are deadly to your productivity. If you plan on becoming a full-time remote worker, then setting up a good office in your house is crucial. 

If you can get it right, then you'll enjoy all the benefits of telecommuting without the struggles. Picture it now -- working in pajamas, sipping hot coffee, and making big bucks from the comfort of your home. WFH can be wonderful and not woeful!

Remote work is more than a career choice; it's a lifestyle. Be sure to keep browsing through our lifestyle section for more of our latest content.

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