A Complete Employee Onboarding Checklist

employee onboarding checklist

Did you know that 65% of employees who go through an effective onboarding program are more likely to keep their job for at least three years?

By following a certain process when you hire someone new, you make them feel welcome and well-oriented from day one.

You show them that you care and you make them feel like they're part of the team -- and who wouldn't like to be received like that at their job?

Our question is, do you know how to welcome a new hire in the best way possible? If you're not sure, our employee onboarding checklist will definitely be useful, so read on!

Before the First Day

The onboarding process starts before the employee's first day.

In fact, from the moment you decide to hire someone, you can start going over some employee engagement ideas, preparing everything to receive them and sending them some relevant information:

  • Make the new hire official with the HR team
  • Prepare the relevant paperwork
  • Send the employee an email going over their job description, as well as important details, like the dress code and itinerary of the first day
  • Prepare the employee's workstation
  • Communicate the new hire to the rest of the team

During the First Day

First days are nerve-wracking and we all know that.

As such, your main goal here is to make your new employee feel at ease and to make them see that they've been hired by a company that cares about their employees:

  • Give the employee a tour around the office
  • Go over their responsibilities and other details like work hours, code of conduct, and relevant policies
  • Introduce them to the team and, in particular, to their mentor
  • Send them the employee handbook and any training materials
  • Make sure all the necessary HR documents are signed
  • Have coffee or lunch with them and get to know them in a more informal manner

During the First Week

Throughout their first week, your new employee will be settling in and getting closer to other members of your team.

This will still be a phase of adjustment but it is also when they should start receiving assignments, so that both of you know that this job is, in fact, a good fit for them:

  • Assign the employee their first project
  • Check-in with them every day
  • Schedule introducing meetings with relevant teams (or team members)

During the First Month

After their first month, the employee will probably be well adapted.

By then, they will have had time to get to know more about the company, the team and their role and, as such, it's the perfect time to hear what they have to say:

  • Ask them for feedback on the initial month
  • Give them your feedback
  • Go over their next projects

Start Using Our Employee Onboarding Checklist Today

Adopting an employee onboarding checklist like this one will help you make sure that everyone you hire has a great experience in your company right fro the get-go, and there's no better way of boosting your employee retention than that.

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