How To Stay Fit And Healthy In This Pandemic

how to stay fit and healthy during pandemic

Lockdown has provided us all with the perfect excuse to not exercise. Unfortunately, it’s more important than ever before to maintain a healthy lifestyle because this is the key to bolstering your immune system. However, it’s difficult to exercise when gyms are closed and what you can do outdoors is limited. Eating healthily when you have low morale due to the goings-on in the world is also troublesome. If you no longer want to be stuck in this depressive rut, then this article is the one for you. Here’s how to stay healthy and fit despite all the obstacles put in place by the pandemic.


We know you’ve all just collectively groaned, and we’ve been there, but there is a reason everyone is hammering on about the importance of routine as it is incredibly beneficial. Every day tends to feel the same in the pandemic, leading to despondency and depression. Routine can counteract this problem by providing a sense of purpose, in turn motivating you to get on track with your health and fitness again. You must go to sleep earlier in the evenings; wake up early in the mornings; be rigorous with your personal hygiene; structure your day around your exercise regime. 

Food Prep 

Lockdown does have the benefit of giving us more time. This means we can invest more in our food prep, baking and nutrition. If you’re wondering how to create a routine, this is an excellent place to begin. Take your time making meals and experiment with new foods. Research what is healthy and delicious. In doing so, you’ll discover why good nutrition and meal-prepping is so rewarding for both your mental and physical health. 

However, we are conscious of the fact there are food shortages currently. This is particularly problematic if you’re a pregnant woman and therefore in need a lot of nutrients. That’s why we also recommend Halal prenatal vitamins from Noor. These can provide all the nourishment you might be unable to access whilst confined during the pandemic. 

Enjoy Exercising 

Not everyone likes the same types of food, so not everyone is going to enjoy the same forms of exercise. Jogging might work for many people during the pandemic, but what if this just isn’t for you? Well, thankfully, there are other options for fitness available. Going for a walk with your headphones in, striding along to your music, is a perfect example of this. Walking is just as beneficial as jogging when done at a pace, plus it’s more enjoyable for some. Home workouts are also a great option – just make sure you choose the right one for you. Some examples of these include Zumba, circuits and yoga. If you find an exercise you genuinely love, then you’re more likely to stick to your fitness regime. Don’t punish yourself with a jog; enjoy yourself with a daily dance workout. 

Continue To Stay Fit And Healthy During The Pandemic

Follow these tips because they’re essential for your wellbeing and fitness during the pandemic. Nurture both your mental and physical health by choosing the right routine, food and exercise for you.

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