9 Huge Health Benefits of Cryotherapy

health benefits of cryotherapy treatment

Professional athletes, celebrities, fitness lovers, and everyday Joes are joining a health revolution. It's not a diet or a new workout regimen...

It's cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, is the use of freezing temperatures applied to the body for various purposes. Normally, cryotherapy involves a person getting inside of an upright tube surrounded by frigid air.

Learn how the health benefits of cryotherapy could be exactly what you need.

1. Jumpstart the Weight Loss

Cryotherapy is a great way for someone to jumpstart weight loss. This process is started by having the entire body submerged in extremely low temperatures fueled by liquid nitrogen.

The science behind the weight loss claim stems from increasing your metabolism. When the body gets cold, it burns calories to try and stay warm. 

Just a few minutes in whole body cryotherapy will have your body pumping blood to your core after you finish. The metabolic rate shoots up for the day as a result.

2. Manage Inflammation

Whenever a person sprains an ankle or gets a black eye, the first move to is grab an ice pack and apply it to the affected area. The main reason is that ice can reduce swelling by restricting the blood vessels.

The advantage of cryotherapy versus an ice pack is that cryotherapy can target multiple areas at once.

3. Benefits of Cryotherapy to Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a mental disorder that affects 322 million people worldwide. Different people have different remedies from medications to music. 

Cryotherapy is an option that could curb the side effects for millions of people who suffer from anxiety and depression. When your body is cold, it releases endorphins to help make your body forget about any of the discomforts.

A study in Poland showed that patients who had daily cryotherapy sessions had a reduction of depression and anxiety symptoms by 50%.

4. Anti-Aging Effects

Millions of Americans every year apply special creams and get surgery to prevent or reverse aging. These different procedures can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Cryotherapy is a cheaper and quicker way to improve your body's natural anti-aging processes.

The extreme cold from cryotherapy can help remove dead skin cells allowing for quick regeneration. The cold also increases collagen in your skin. The increased collagen will make the skin tighter and fills in any cracks or wrinkles.

Save money, time, and pain by freezing your body instead of cutting it.

5. Prevent Different Diseases

Some diseases like dementia and Alzheimers have no known direct causes. After a person gets one of these diseases, there is no cure—only some options to help reduce symptoms.

It's not proven or backed by research, but many cryotherapy enthusiasts will point to the anti-inflammation qualities of cold temperatures.

The downside of dementia is that your body cannot balance or flush harmful toxins. Patients with dementia also experience inflammation in their joints.

Extreme frigid temperatures can combat inflammation, but it also helps relieve oxidative stress. The anti-oxidative stress qualities help your body balance and repair any damage from toxins.

6. Athletic Turn Around

Athletes understand the importance of being able to stay in the gym and on the field longer than their competition to be successful. The body needs rest to get back to practice or else injury becomes a serious possibility. 

When an athlete is younger, they don't need a lot of rest and recovery. As the body ages, ice baths and ibuprofen become regular staples for fitness junkies.

Cryotherapy reduces recovery time by speeding up the process. Like an ice bath, the body uses the extreme cold to reduce swelling and increase blood flow. Unlike an ice bath, cryotherapy doesn't take extended periods of time.

A few minutes of cryotherapy will have an athlete on the fast track to returning to action. Some former athletes who have turned into entrepreneurs have even found the cryotherapy business to be lucrative.

7. Skin Conditions

Are you someone who suffers from itchy and scratchy skin? You may have a skin condition known as dermatitis. 

Atopic dermatitis causes your skin to become inflamed and itchy. Some people can develop nasty cuts, infections, and scars from digging into the skin with their nails.

When a person can do a few sessions of cryotherapy, the skin's inflammation is greatly reduced and anti-oxidant levels improved. Along with better collagen production, different skin conditions can benefit from cryotherapy.

8. Treating Low-Risk Tumors

Not all cryotherapy has to be done in a tube with a submerged body. Some cryotherapy can be very specific and localized—also called cryosurgery.

Before tumors metastasize, there's an alternative to harmful and painful chemotherapy. Don't poison your body to beat cancer.

Cryosurgery targets the tumor by freezing it and killing the cells. It's a lot like when a dermatologist freezes your warts. The tumor will slowly die rendering cancer dead and preventing growth.

Look to see cryosurgery become more available to low-risk cancer patients. It's already being used widely to treat the early stages of prostate cancer.

9. Eliminate Pain

Use the cold to your advantage as a pain treatment. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures numbs the nerve endings. The relief can last for hours.

Be sure not to be in a cryotherapy tube for too long or you run the risk of developing hypothermia or frostbite. 

Similar to cryosurgery, a doctor can also target specific areas affected by nerve irritation. With a small probe, they can freeze pinched nerves or deep bruises to alleviate the pain.

Some use a holistic approach and freeze the neck to ease the pain of all nerves throughout the body.

Freeze Away the Problems

Don't spend tons of money or time trying to fix all your ailments. The health benefits of cryotherapy will freeze away plenty of problems.

Extremely cold temperatures don't have to be a negative force in your life. Use the coldness to heal and restore your mind and body.

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