Top 7 Most Common Injuries In Sports

most common injuries in sports usual athletic injury

Seeking the services of a sports orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore is very vital to the sportspeople due to the number of injuries they are exposed to. This is because injuries are the major things that sideline many sportspeople every year. Although there is nothing one can do to prevent injuries, there some things one can do to lessen the risk of getting them. For instance, injuries that are caused by overuse and straining can be minimised by stretching before or after engaging in sports. Also, you can reduce the injuries by resting when you feel like doing so. 

The kind of sports which you play will determine the kind of injuries which are likely to experience. There are two kinds of injuries namely: 

i) Acute- The ones which occur suddenly. 

ii) Chronic- the ones which develop with time. 

Below are some of the common injuries that sportspeople are likely to experience. 

1) Injuries To The Achilles Tendon 

The Achilles tendon refers to a thick corded tissue that connects the calf muscle. It is used to assist you to walk. One of the common injuries which occur to this tendon is known as Achilles tendinitis. This kind of injury is usually common in sports which need a lot of running. It is usually caused by not wearing the right shoes, not stretching before playing, or when one suddenly engages in a lot of sports. You may have Achilles tendinitis in case your calf or heel hurts especially when you run or walk. Other symptoms of this injury are: 

a) If the area feels warm when you touch it 

b) Swelling in the area. 

All these injuries can be both chronic and acute. 

2) Dislocations 

Sometimes it can difficult to differentiate between a dislocation and a broken bone. However, a dislocation occurs when the bones tend to move out of their normal position. This kind of injury is usually common in sports such as basketball, soccer, and football. Some of its symptoms include; not able to move the area, swelling, and extreme pain. 

3) Jumper's Knee 

This kind of injury is also known as patellar tendinitis. It usually happens where there is an inflammation or injury to the tissues which connect the thigh muscles and kneecap to the shin bone. 

Some of the triggers of this injury are sports which involve repetitive jumping such as volleyball and basketball. In addition, individuals who are overweight or play sports on hard surfaces are likely to get this kind of injury. One of the symptoms of this injury is having knee pain just below the kneecap. The affected individuals also experience stiffness or weakness in the knee while they are climbing stairs or kneeling. The injuries can be mild or chronic. 

4) Rotator Cuff Injuries 

The rotator cuff is the area inside your shoulder. It assists in moving your shoulder or keeping it stable. If you engage in repeated action such as baseball, tennis, swimming then you are likely to get injuries in this area. Some of the symptoms of this injury include pain when you lift your arm or when you try to reach your back and also swelling in your shoulder. This injury is usually chronic 

5) Runner's Knee 

This kind of injury is usually common to athletics and other sportspeople who engage in a lot of knee bending, biking, and walking. It can also occur due to hard bumps or trauma at the knee. You may feel a grinding sensation when you bend your knees or knees may be swollen. This injury can be chronic or acute. 

6) Sprains 

It is one of the common injuries which many sportspeople experience. A sprain is a tear or stretch of a ligament near joints such as the wrist, ankle, and knee. This kind of injury is usually caused by twisting motion or falling motion. The injury can be mild or severe, however, this will depend on whether your ligament is torn or stretched. Some of the symptoms of this injury are bruising, swelling, and pain. You will also find it difficult in applying any kind of weight to the joint. This injury is usually chronic. 

7) Strains 

It is good that you know the difference between a sprain and a strain. This is because a sprain usually hurts ligaments while a strain hurts muscles. Also, you may experience a strain when you tear or stretch your muscle tissues by overextending them. If you engage in sports such as lifting, jumping, or running then you are likely to experience acute strains. Strains can also happen when you change direction quickly or during cold weather. Some of the symptoms include sudden pain in the affected area. Sometimes if the injury is severe you may experience swelling and bruising. This kind of injury can either be acute or chronic. 

When Should You Visit The Doctor? 

You can visit your doctor in case you are experiencing bruising, swelling, or deformity in the injured area. You can also visit a doctor in case you have severe pain or your pain or swelling persists for several days. The doctor can offer a splint or sling to assist you to recover faster from the injury.

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