Some Of The Amazing Facts That You Need To Know About

amazing facts you need to know

There are people in this world who always wonder about many things, big or small. They are the individuals who don’t stop thinking about the stuff that they see in every corner of this world. The world is full of things that we don’t know yet, that is why some of us want to explore more. It is our curiosity that makes us aware of what we know and what we don’t know. 

All of us indeed want to know the origin of some things, how it is made, and it was named. If you don’t think that way, then you don’t care about the things around you. But many people ever wondered about the facts that this world has and what they don't know. Aside from this list, you can also check out more amazing facts. So here are some of the most surprising facts that you need to know about. 

The Person Who Invented Basketball Is James Naismith 

He is also the person who designed the first helmet for football. Dr. Naismith invented basketball because he needs a game that he can play indoors in winter. Basketball is a major American sport that people can identify who originated the game. 

James Naismith also wrote basketball’s 13 original rules to be part of a class assignment during December 1891 at a YMCA’s training school at Springfield, Massachusetts. James Naismith was educated and born in Canada. He came south because he wants to pursue his passion for Christian ministry and physical education. He also expanded on a task to make a game that they can play in the gyms of the YMCA in the winter season. 

The Reindeer’s Eyes Changes Color By The Seasons 

It is also among the reindeer’s surprising, amazing facts. A reindeer’s eyes change to blue from gold to assist them in adapting to light levels extreme changes. This type of ability also enables them to be aware of predators around them and let them escape skillfully. Scientists discovered it during their research, and it is the only time it happened and shown in mammals. 

A British study also showed that some animals adapt uniquely during Arctic winters, especially reindeers, which they experience continuous summer daylight and constant winter darkness. Like some mammals, reindeer eyes can reflect some light through their retina, and those eyes turn to gold. 

Abraham Lincoln Is A Champion in Wrestling 

Before he was named the president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln was also known to be a good wrestler, and he won a lot of awards during his wrestling time. Moreover, among his big matches was with Jack Armstrong, his rival. Many people only think that he was a president, but many don’t know that he was good at this sport. However, it turned out that he was a great wrestler, and he was even given the honor to be one of the Hall of Famer in National Wrestling. 

Lincoln was a great competitor, and he has a great wrestling frontier-style that brings out brute strength to help players throw their competitors off of their feet. It is also similar to a hand to hand fighting style rather than grappling. When Lincoln was 21, that is the time he claimed the title of wrestling champ in 1830 in his country. His height is also 6’4, and that’s why wrestling is perfect for him. 

The Boston Celtic’s Name Was Chosen Over Olympians And Whirlwinds 

If you’re going to ask a modern-day basketball enthusiast about Celtics, they would assume that you talk about the Boston team. However, its name was made famous by an old club. 

Way back in 1911, they started the first basketball league in New York City. Most of the teams are the reflection of their hometown, an Irish group of immigrants coming from Chelsea, and undoubtedly, they took the Celtics name. The team also was a local success, but they are dissolved when the US entered WWI. 

After World War I, Thomas and Jim Furey had ideas. The ideas were to rebrand the team to be the Legit Celtics, and they shifted to the professional field; not before long, Celtics dominated the basketball scene in New York City. Eventually, they were barnstorming and won almost all of the games. 

While the first Celtics reinvented the game, they got the credit with the first zone defense, play of low post, and shifting with the team's defense to man-to-man, and they are not on the top anymore. The team then joined the ABL, and after that, they were trying to go back to barnstorming using mixed success. Then, they faded in the 1940s’ early years. 

There Is A Scientific Term For Ice Cream Headaches 

Ice cream headaches are also called as brain freeze, cold headache stimulus, and its scientific term sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia. It’s a short duration of headache, and it’s a result of fast consumption of cold drinks, ice pops, and ice cream. 

Brain freeze can occur when a freezing substance touches the mouth roof or upper palate. It’s a common thing that happens when a person consumes frozen food rapidly in scorching weather. 

The scientists of Harvard Medical School also researched the brain freeze’s cause, and they believe that the findings can make way for an effective cure for many headache types, like the migraine-related conditions, or pain from brain injuries.

Nikola Tesla’s Statue Offers Free Wi-Fi 

It is also among the fascinating facts about Nikola Tesla’s statue that people can find in Silicon Valley. The statue itself doesn’t only provide Wi-Fi, but it also has a time capsule that’s dated to open in 2043. While Nikola Tesla’s influence stays in a lot of ways through electricity and technology advancement, it’s also great to see his physical image to provide wireless tech to the people. 

Amazing Facts Takeaway 

The mentioned above are just some of the world’s amazing facts, but the truth is that there are still more that you don’t know. Those are the facts that might be shocking and will blow your mind when you hear them.

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