Things To Expect Before And After A Breast Augmentation

what to expect before and after breast augmentation surgery recovery


Deciding to get a breast augmentation procedure may be the first step towards attaining body confidence. Once you have found the right plastic surgeon, you must start preparing for the procedure. Your Denver breast augmentation surgeon will give you the advice you need. If you have any questions, they should be able to answer them. Usually, the surgery has three main phases: consultation, operation, and recovery. You must prepare for each one of them. 

The Consultation Period 

During the consultation period, you get the chance to speak with your surgeon about your concerns. Ask them your questions about the procedure and what you should expect. Your surgeon can help you determine if breast augmentation is a good choice. They may use visualization tools to help you decide the type and size of your implant. 

The consultation period gives your doctor a chance to discuss the possible risks of the procedures with you. You may also discuss the payment options. 

On The Day Of The Procedure 

Do not eat or drink anything eight hours before your surgery as it could increase the risk of regurgitation. Get to the clinic before the scheduled time and wear loose-fitting clothes. Your clothes should be easy to button or zip. Ensure that you have someone to drive you back home as you can’t do it after the procedure. 

During The Procedure 

Breast augmentation is a simple procedure that may take up to two hours. It is an outpatient procedure and your surgeon administers general anesthesia. They make small cuts under your arms and breasts, and around your nipples. They will use antimicrobial soap to clean your chest and reduce the risk of infection. After inserting the implants, they use a small incision to close it up. 

The Recovery Process 

The recovery period after breast augmentation is short. Unlike in the past where patients had to wait for a long time before getting back to work, you can now resume your daily activities in a few weeks. 

In the first 48 hours, try sleeping upright to promote a speedy recovery. Do not indulge in any strenuous activities for a minimum of three weeks after the procedure. Surgeons suggest that you avoid raising your hands over your head to minimize swelling. You can resume your regular activity after eight weeks. 

Consider getting help with housework during the recovery period. You should have someone to drive you to and from the hospital in case you need medical help. 

Use ice packs to relieve pain and discomfort, and drink lots of water. Stay away from tight-fitting clothes as they could increase discomfort. 

In three months, you need to see your doctor again. They will take photos of your augmented breasts to determine the success of the procedure. This marks the end of your breast augmentation journey and you will now have the right breast size and bra fit

Set Realist Expectations For Breast Augmentation Procedures

Setting realistic expectations for your surgery helps you focus on your goal and minimizes disappointment. If you have questions about what to expect during the procedure, seek the opinion of your surgeon before getting your breast augmentation surgery.

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