BOP Your Business! What Is a Business Owner's Policy and Why Do You Need One?

what is a business owner's policy bop insurance

Why do we buy insurance?

The answer is simple: to protect expenses on the things that we care about. Whether it's our home, our health, or our vehicles, we're only too happy to pay for an insurance policy that will protect those things that we care about from the risk of the worst-case scenario.

Now think about this: don't you care about your business? Haven't you put in thousands of hours and even more dollars to make it work well? If so, why aren't you protecting your involvement in the business with an owner's policy?

In this article, we're going to take a quick look at business owner's policies so that you know what they are and why you need one.

What is a Business Owner's Policy?

A business owner's policy (BOP) is an insurance plan that covers a whole host of different scenarios that your business may encounter. 

These scenarios could include business liability for a product gone wrong, workers' compensation for an injured employee, or asset protection for vehicles damaged in a hailstorm. Whatever the scenario may be, you can formulate a BOP policy coverages to protect it.

The key differentiator of a BOP policy is that it combines everything into one payment. Your other option is to elect to enroll in several different coverage types across several different insurance providers. 

To enroll in a business owners policy, you will be required to have much documentation regarding your business's operations, finances, and the like. So before checking these policies out, make sure that you have that documentation on hand.

Why Do You Need a BOP Policy?

So why does your business need a BOP policy? 

There are several benefits that you can realize with the right BOP policy. First and foremost among these advantages are the actual coverages that will protect you.

Let's say that you manufacture kitchen appliances like ovens. If an oven is improperly manufactured so that it is unsafe and is accidentally allowed through quality control, then it could seriously injure the customer who uses it. In this situation, your business would be legally liable for damages.

You could find yourself paying for medical bills, loss of wages, and even mental and emotional damages if the court awards that level of compensation. Such a total bill could cripple your company's stash of operating funds.

But with the right businessowner's policy, the insurance plan will pay out in that exact scenario.

A BOP policy also works in your favor when compared to individual policies that address very specific types of coverage. With a general business owner's policy coverage guide, you can hope to incorporate a bunch of different protections that are discounted when bundled together.

The end result is that you pay lower premiums for the same protection. And what business owner in their right mind wouldn't want that?

Protect Your Business Today

We know that it's hard to think about the worst-case scenario happening in your business. That's why many companies put off the question of what insurance policies to get until it's too late.

Avoid that unfortunate situation from materializing in your business. Shop around for the right business owner's policy for you today, and protect your business from anything that could go wrong.

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