5 Top Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

tips first-time home sellers how to sell house

First time home sellers have a huge task ahead of them. Selling a home can be a complicated and lengthy process if you do not have the proper education and an agent on your side. 

With 89% of sellers working with an agent and approximately half of the sellers getting 99% of their intended price, you know that it can be done and with a great result. 

So let's get that home on the market!

1. Address Essential Repairs

This is a step that should be taken care of before anything else, looking over the home, and evaluating anything that needs fixing. 

You should take care of anything that you know of or that you believe will be a potential issue shortly before you even have an inspection. Even with the importance of these repairs, you need to determine between essential and cosmetic.

A cosmetic fix could be appealing on a listing, but a buyer is unlikely to pay enough to make up for the extra amount you invested.

However, you should make repairs to things like light fixtures, faucets, toilets, and other significant aspects of the home. Aside from that, you also have to get rid of broken decorations and furniture. You can have them put on a self storage facility until the house is sold.

If they are not in top shape, it could give off the impression that the home has not been cared for.

2. Save Time and Effort by Pairing With an Agent

Even with the resources to learn the entire process of selling a home, it is a wise decision to pair yourself with a real estate agent. They will be your guide through the process and your representative. 

An agent will be able to save you the effort of needless showings by prescreening interested buyers.

Probably the most important is the administrative side, they will keep all of the paperwork in line. 

There is potential for legal concerns if things are not properly filed or disclosed before the sale. An agent can assure that everything you need will be taken care of to avoid potential lawsuits down the line.

3. Present a Professional Image

When creating a listing, it is essential to use a professional photographer to present the home's pictures. Not only will minor details not show on your images, but a listing with poor photography will give off a terrible impression.

People will not take a seller seriously if they can't even take the time to allow for high-quality photography. Luckily any real estate agent will have photographers lined up for this service.

4. Ready to Sell Quick

So how long does it take to sell a house? This is a question that can be answered by understanding your market and setting the price appropriately. Interestingly enough, homes listed in May tend to both sell higher and for more money. 

Being ready to list and sell during this time will help keep the property from sitting on the market for an extended period. 

Remember to listen to your agent, they have your best interests in mind and know the field. They will be able to make accurate suggestions on pricing to sell. 

5. Responsibility to the Buyer

Your desire to sell is the same as others that are looking to buy a home. You need to be on the ball with any responses that come in. Delaying contact will be off-putting and will drive away potential sales.

It is essential to listen to buyers and be open to negotiations should they arise. A lower than optimal offer does not need the sale is off the table. Especially with an agent, there are many options to pursue.

Making Life for Home Sellers Easier

This vital life decision does not have to be overwhelming any more for first time home sellers. Use these tips and a quality real estate agent, and it will all be smooth sailing selling your property. 

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