5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Get More Sales

ecommerce marketing strategies get more sales

Did you know that expert predictions say that ecommerce sales will reach $10 trillion in the next few years? 

A goal for any ecommerce site is to claim their piece of that sales pie! But how? 

The key to making sales is having well-thought-out strategies in place that include tactical steps on how you intend to achieve your goal. 

If you were wondering how to get more sales on your ecommerce site, then this guide will help. Keep reading for 5 ecommerce marketing strategies that you should definitely try this year. 

1. Focus On Email Marketing 

Email marketing is rated as one of the highest marketing strategies in terms of return on investment. It has been for some time, and will most likely continue to be so. 

Focus on an email marketing strategy for your ecommerce site that allows you to build a credible database of valuable email addresses. 

Your email marketing strategy should not only cover the content creation within your emails, but also the automation of the process. Automating your email marketing campaigns will save you both time and money in the long run. 

2. Focus On Website Strategy 

Website optimization is absolutely detrimental to the success of your ecommerce site. 

Everything from outdated design to the actual content of your website should all form part of your website strategy. 

Part of your strategy should be keeping your website relevant and user friendly. Make sure that the shopper's experience on your website is seamless and easy to navigate from start to finish. A difficult checkout process will result in you losing customers for sure. 

3. Focus On Social Media 

Social media in this day and age is vital to any successful marketing strategy. 

Your social media strategy should stem from your website strategy, content that is being put on your website should be tailor-made for social media too. 

Sharing relevant and helpful content for your audience is key in making social media work for you, and increase your sales. 

Lastly, part of your social media marketing strategy should be target market research and understanding who your ideal target audience is, and how you intend to interact with them. 

4. Create An Upsell Strategy 

There is so much potential just waiting to be realized when it comes to customers who are already shopping on your ecommerce site. 

Your upsell strategy should detail how you're going to convince people to buy more before they checkout. Perhaps you have an automated suggested products window that pops up before a customer checks out? 

Your products can be linked as to what works well with another product, so informing your customer is a great way to get them to buy both, before the leave your website. 

5. Focus On Optimizing Conversions 

You might be saying, "How do I optimize conversions?" 

Well, creating and optimizing leads will form part of your lead creation strategy. How are you going to create qualified leads? And how do you optimize them for sales? 

One thing you can do is to create wishlist reminder email campaigns, these are leads that are just waiting to be actioned. 

Another thing you could do is send a welcome email to leads with personalized information on their buying journey, thus turning them from a lead to a customer with a few clicks of the mouse.

eCommerce Marketing Is a Journey 

Remember, that your ecommerce marketing strategy is going to evolve as time goes on, and you need to be prepared for this. 

Just stay in tune with what's happening in your industry, and how to stay ahead of the game of ecommerce marketing. 

If you need more e-commerce marketing advice, head on over to our Marketing section to get your fill. Keep reading and learning to boost your earning!

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