How to Get Started With Google Advertising

how to get started with google advertising ppc ads

Google advertising can be highly effective in targeting prospects, traffic generation, and conversions. Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day─ making it one of the most powerful advertising platforms. 

Advertising with Google can boost your business and help you reach new customers quickly. About half of the internet users use Google to research or discover products. And at returns of $8 for each dollar spent on Google ads, Google advertising is a must for marketing success. 

Are you wondering how to get started with Google advertising? Here's a guide to help you advertise on Google. Learn the tactics you can use to reach prospects and grow your sales.

What Is Google Advertising?

Google advertising is a digital marketing strategy meant for reaching prospects based on their interests. It's very effective as it puts your ads right in front of the people who are more interested in your product. This boosts the performance of ads and prevents launching many unsuccessful ads.

Google's expansiveness gives you an extensive scope to promote your business. You can create different ads targeting YouTube, Gmail, web visitors, or search engine searches. 

Google ads are also highly user-friendly. Usually, a Google ad appears to the user at the most opportune moment. It's non-intrusive and it's up to the user to click it. Most Google ads give customers the option to contact a store or visit a website.

Choosing a Google Advertising Campaign

Most people learning how to advertise on Google may be familiar with search ads only. But Google advertising offers many campaign types that you can use to target your audience effectively. 

You want profitable results for each dollar spent and this is only possible if your ads reach your targeted prospect. The various Google ad campaigns allow you to send ads to a platform that your users frequent the most. 

Display ads can reach targets in their favorite YouTube channel or website. Search ads can appear across Google properties as long as prospects use your keywords. You can also target your local community with location search ads.

Yet not all Google advertising campaigns will suit your audience and business needs. If a lot of your traffic comes from third-party sites, display ads may be more useful for your brand. If you want to sell products without battling for keywords, you may want to use shopping ads. 

What if you want to increase the number of people visiting your store? You can use Google advertising maps, which are most visible to local searches. These ads also contain directions that can guide users to your store. 

Set Google Advertising Goals

Setting Google advertising goals enables you to tailor campaigns. That way, you can be more specific about what you want from each campaign.

It could be you want to boost traffic to your website, increase sales, or boost brand recognition. Each goal will affect how the ad will look like and the expected performance.

An ad designed to boost web traffic may have a clear call to action to trigger web visits. You may need to use more dynamic text to attract clicks. You must also research the right keywords to boost the ad's relevancy and make it searchable on Google.

You should also use the goals to track campaign progress. Confirm if your campaigns are bringing projected results. You can then tweak the ads or replace them with more effective ones.

Research the Right Keywords in Your Industry

Keywords are what make your ads searchable. They are the words or phrases your targeted prospects love using to search for products in your industry. 

You can start your keyword search journey with the Google Keyword planner. You can also use free tools such as Google trends or Answer the Public to find the right keywords.

With Google advertising, especially PPC, use the low volume keywords. These are the keywords that are less popular but have high yielding potential. Most of the time, low volume keywords are more affordable than the common ones. 

Know Your Google Advertising Cost

You may wonder whether you can afford to advertise on Google. Well, the pricing flexibility of Google advertising makes it a platform for everyone. Usually, the cost will depend on the budget and the number of clicks attracted from each campaign.

On average, the cost per click on Google advertising is $2. Sometimes this cost can be higher if you're in a competitive industry. Factors such as competitors or products may also influence Google advertising costs. This is because setting the ads involves bidding for keywords against your competitors.

But no matter your budget, you can always ensure your campaigns are productive. You can time your ads to ensure they reach your audience at the right time. Sometimes you can target specific geographical locations to maximize your ads. Plus, device targeting enables you to display ads on your audiences' favorite devices.

No Budget? Start With Free Advertising on Google

The word Google advertising is often synonymous with paid methods. But it might astonish you there's free advertising on Google. 

One of the most popular ways of gaining free advertising on Google is to optimize your Google My Business page. Make sure it mentions special features about your business and products. If you're running a café, you can use specific keywords such as "modern Australian dishes."

Next, create useful content answering the top questions from your users. Use their favorite keywords in your pages and blog posts to boost the ranking of your pages. A well-executed content and SEO strategy can put your pages ahead of leading Google ads. 

Local SEO is also another top way of getting free advertising on Google. Make sure you're placing location-based keywords in your business pages and websites. An appliance business in Austin, Texas, can use a keyword such as Refrigerator Repair in Austin, TX.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business With Google Advertising?

You can be on your way to sustainable success when you make the choice to grow your business than advertising with Google Ads. With Google Ads, you can position your business above your top competitors and in front millions of leads.

What's important is to choose the right PPC campaigns and keywords. You're ready to take on Google advertising with any budget size. 

Having a good search engine strategy with Google PPC ads can help take your business to great heights.

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