How To Tone Your Glutes And Legs At Home

how to tone your glutes and legs at home

When you’re running short on time, you need a workout that maximizes every second. That’s especially so when it comes to timing the traditional problem areas of the glutes, thighs and hamstrings. Here’s a 10-minute glute and legs focused workout that really delivers. 

How The Workout Works 

Your 10-minute glute and leg centric toning and weight loss workout consists of five movements. The 5 exercises are completed in circuit sequence and then repeated. Each exercise is to be done for 45 seconds. You then get a 15 second recovery before you go onto the next exercise. That all adds up to a pretty intense 10 minutes of leg and butt training. But, as you are no doubt aware, intensity brings results - and 10 minutes is not that long. So, prepare yourself mentally for a pretty hard session. Be sure to stick to just 15 seconds of rest between exercises in order to build the cumulative intensity throughout the workout. 

Complement your 10 minute glute and leg workouts with a calorie reduced smart eating plan that emphasizes lean protein, healthy fats and vegetable based carbohydrates. 

The Workout 

● Air Squats 
● Lunges 
● Kickbacks 
● Glute Bridge 
● Wall Sit 

Air Squats 

Stand with your feet at shoulder width and slightly angled outwards. Hold your arms out directly in front of you and look to the ceiling. Now hinge from the hips as you lower your butt down and back to squat down as if you were sitting in a chair. Lower all the way down to a full squat. Now push through the feels to return to the start position. 

Take Your Squats To The Next Level 

Home Workout Equipment 

When it comes to working your legs and glutes effectively, there are a lot of options. Many of them are not very effective, so when we come across one that is, it’s worth highlighting. A case in point is the Efitment Squat Assist Machine. This cool little machine adds an element of resistance cardio endurance to the No.1 leg toning exercise. It also provides a workout for the arm and upper back muscles. Plus it helps you to perfect your squat form. It’s definitely worth a look! 


Stand with your feet at shoulder width and hands on your hips. Now take a big step forward, leading with your right leg. Drop your left leg down until the knee just kisses the floor. Maintain a slight arch in your lower back throughout the movement. From the bottom position, push through your front thigh to return to the start position. Repeat, this time leading with the right leg. 


Get down on all fours, maintaining a slight arch in your power back. Now draw your right knee slightly forward and then kick it back and up into the air. Hold the top position for a count of two as you squeeze your glutes. Return to the start position. Alternate 5 reps on each side until your 45 seconds is up. 

Glute Bridge 

Get down in front of a couch, resting your lower legs on the surface of the couch with your back resting on the floor. Angle your upper legs slightly so that your butt is about a foot from the couch. Rest your hands on the floor alongside you. From this position, lift your pelvis into the air as high as possible. Hold the top position for 2 seconds, squeezing the glutes as tightly as possible. Lower and repeat. 

Wall Sit 

Stand with your back against a wall and your feet about a foot in front of it. Drop down the wall until you simulate a chair sitting position. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor. Place your hands against the wall alongside you. Hold this position for 45 seconds. This is the perfect Frugal Fitness exercise since all you need is a wall, tree, car, or anything else that will support your back! 

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