7 Foods For Healthy Weight Loss

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Eating certain types of foods can help you lose weight in a big way. These types of foods are generally low in calories and have lots of protein, fiber and water to keep you full. In other words, eating healthy really is the key to losing weight along with keeping an active lifestyle, so let’s check out some healthy foods to add to your diet.

1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt helps to prove the point that anything with a European name will be better. The beautiful thing about Greek yogurt is that it has high levels of protein, about twice as much as regular yogurt, and less fat and sugar. Since protein takes longer to digest than sugar, Greek yogurt will leave you feeling satisfied longer, cutting cravings for that mid-morning donut. Thus, you lose the extra sugar from the Yogurt and the donut, and your body will burn more calories digesting the protein leaving you with a slimmer waistline. Voila!

2. Quinoa
We’ve all heard whole grains are better for us, but what if there was a whole grain that also contained protein? As a matter of fact there is one: quinoa. With 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber as well as a host of other essential nutrients, a bowl of quinoa for lunch or dinner will leave you feeling full and satisfied much longer than a bowl of white rice would.

3. Watermelon

Raw fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins, fiber and most importantly water. The water in watermelon, for example, takes up a lot of space in your stomach, indicating that you are full sooner. Water, of course, contains no calories, so you end up eating much less with a much lower calorie count.

4. Raw Vegetables
If you are looking for a crunchy snack, dip some vegetables in that salsa instead of chips. Raw vegetables, such as celery sticks or carrots are very low in calories, fill you up with their high water and fiber content, and take quite a bit of energy just to chew. For a satisfying snack, try dipping vegetables in peanut butter or almond butter for some added protein.

5. Soup
Any broth-based soup full of water, vegetables and lean protein is a great meal choice for someone looking to lose weight. The warmth of the soup will keep you from eating too quickly, so you will likely feel satisfied by the time you are finished. The water in the soup also helps to fill you up. In fact, having just a plain broth soup before eating your meal will help to curb your appetite and
keep that calorie count low.

6. Vinegar
Vinegar is one of the best options for dressing a salad because it offers plenty of flavor with no calories to go with it. In addition, researchers right now are looking into whether vinegar actually helps your body to break down fat. While the theory is still being tested, you really have nothing to lose switching out a cream dressing for one with zero calories.

7. Nuts

You have probably heard that nuts, such as almonds or walnuts, are good for you heart, but they are also helpful for weight loss. Nuts have lots of fiber and protein that will fill you up between meals. The key is to only eat them in moderation. Try going for ones that are still in their shells to slow down your pace or get nuts with no added salt or flavoring.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas for how to start eating healthy and lose weight. Just bear in mind that staying healthy also requires working with a doctor and managing any other medical issues you might have. Compare private health insurance plans to find the right health care option for staying in the best physical condition.
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