Top Benefits Of Radiofrequency Ablation For You

benefits of radiofrequency ablation treatment pain management

Chronic pain can hinder you from getting in your day-to-day activities effortlessly. Therefore, getting highly trained professionals in Louisville who will provide effective and timely treatment is a priority. You can get interventional pain management in Louisville, NY to help you resume normalcy, a life free from pain. 

What Is Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)? 

Radiofrequency ablation is a medical procedure that involves the application of waves to transmit electric current. As a result, it inhibits communication of pain from your spinal cord. Consequently, your brain will not receive the pain message, giving you a numbing effect. Several health conditions qualify for treatment using RFA. 

These illnesses include arthritis, chronic lower back pain, cervical pain, and even peripheral nerve pain. If you also have shoulder, hip, elbow, knee or ankle pain, consider having the treatment. Additionally, if you have a diagnostic nerve block, this treatment is the best fit for you. You can also undergo the treatment if you have stubborn varicose veins. 

Following the treatment, you will mark significant strides in your overall health. 

1. Pain Is A Thing Of The Past 

When you have chronic pain, life ceases to become the typical routine you are accustomed to in normal situations. Everything becomes an uphill task for you. You no longer walk up and down the stairs like you used to. However, with the RFA treatment, it distracts your normal nerve functions, reducing your pain tremendously. 

2. Less Invasive 

Radiofrequency ablation is less invasive than traditional surgery. With this procedure, your specialist doesn't inflict any incision on your skin. Therefore, you minimize the risks of developing infections to the target area, a common scenario when you undergo surgery. Think of the benefits of having no cuts and no bleeding. 

Additionally, you tend to heal faster compared to when you undergo surgical incision. The discomfort is reduced to a minimal level. Therefore, it takes you a lesser hospital stay and subsequent recovery at home. 

3. Preserves Body Functions 

In radiofrequency ablation, your doctor will target a small specific area in your affected body part. Thus, a significant percentage of your functioning body tissues do not receive the frequency of the radiation. Remember, when healthy cells have constant exposure to radiofrequency, it may affect their growth and functioning due to mutation. However, radiofrequency ablation ensures you spare your healthy body cells. 

4. Highly Effective 

The ability to speed your body’s recovery process is a significant aspect of the process. Radiofrequency ablation is highly effective, and you will experience very minimal side effects, if any. You improve your general body functions and quality of life. After the procedure, you can go for up to six months enjoying a pain-free life. 

5. Avoid Anesthesia Risks 

If you desire to avoid the risk of waking up with confusion, stroke, and even pneumonia, radiofrequency ablation is a right fit for you. You do not undergo any general anesthesia, which is common with surgery. 

Moreover, think of the convenience of avoiding surgery. Plus, the long-term effect of decreasing your dependency on pain medication is worthwhile.

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