How To Have Fun While Working Out

how to have fun while working out frugal fitness

Believe it or not, you can learn to have fun without going to the gym or on the tennis courts or at the yoga studio. Introduce exercise into your everyday life, and you will find it the best way to make your every-now-and-then workouts into a legitimate routine. Who says you can not have fun and indulge in your best online games or try out Bonusfinder CA

People who enjoy exercise reap more mental health benefits, including lowering stress levels and decreasing the risk of depression, so let’s see how we can get fit without depleting our wallet. 

The first thing is to get into the right state of mind and don’t compare yourself to others. 

Keep Off The Gram 

While you’re getting yourself sorted and ready to get yourself fit, stay off of Instagram. Don’t compare yourself to others. Sure, there’s such a thing as healthy competition, but many women unconsciously use comparisons to be negative. 

Be positive and remember that every journey starts with just one step. Although if you only take one step, you won’t get any fitter, however, you will save money on shoe leather. 

Start Off Walking 

how to have more fun working out family walk frugal fit

Kick start your new regime by walking to as many places as you can, the shops, your friend house and to work. While at work or in any building that has a lift, use the stairs, and before you know it you will be training for a 5-kilometre run. 

The 5-kilometre run isn’t as tricky as it sounds if you start small and work up. In week one, you start with a quick warm-up and then jog for 10 minutes a day. Training like this builds up over time to week nine and a twenty-minute run. 

Before you know it, you’ve completed your 5K challenge, and you’re looking lean and feeling better. Need the motivation to keep going? Well, there’s a whole host of matching podcasts and inspirational running music that follows this theme. 

But sometimes all you need are friends and laughter to keep you going. 

Work-Out With Friends 

While some people prefer to work out solo, a lot of others who haven’t considered exercising fun in the past find that working out together can make it feel less like exercise and more like a day out. In one study of Cambridge University rowers, when team members exercised together, their bodies released much more feel-good endorphins than when they worked out solo. 

Before extending any invitations for a workout playdate, consider which friends will help to motivate you and make exercising a positive experience and those who just want a run to the pub, you know the type of friends I mean, no? Just me then. 

Play To Your Workout Personality 

Find out what you like, do you prefer to be inside or outside. A lot of people say they hate working out because they haven’t found the right routine. So take an inventory of your likes and dislikes, for instance, do you like your workouts to be social? Or do you want to be alone? 

What about fast-paced workouts? Or do you need some stress relief in your life? Early mornings or late at night workouts? All valid questions to ask. Use the answers to determine what types of exercise to try next. Then blatantly ignore the answers and do something practical like housework instead. 

Housework Can Make You Fit 

how to have fun while working out housework exercise #frugalfitness

You don’t have to hit the treadmill to feel the benefits, whether you’re walking to work or gardening, the form of physical activity is irrelevant, so long as the half-hour period of exertion is completed somehow. 

The act of cleaning the bath and vacuuming the house can help you get fit, anyone who has lugged the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs knows this is true. Housework while boring can be rewarding and if it makes you fit at the same time, it’s a win-win situation.

Other Fit Factors 

If you’re worried about your weight and fitness consider the following; stay off the banana bread, keep away from the cookies and don’t eat cake. The simple fact is if you consume more calories than you burn off, you will put on weight. 

Unfortunately, it’s true, there is no magic formula, exercise more, eat less and drink more water. While this is an easy mantra to remember but one that isn’t that easy to stick at. Try your best that is all anyone can do and remember tomorrow is another day. 

Get some downtime, remember to relax as stress can make you ill, treat yourself as a lifelong project, not a get fit quick scheme, these types of programmes don’t work sadly. Enjoy your workouts!

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