Best Lab Testing Services In Humble

best medical lab testing services

Calvary Urgent Care Center is an advanced medical facility that offers all kinds of lab testing services. If you are looking for the best testing services provided by a lab in Humble TX, then look now further than their medical facility. The center uses advanced equipment and technology to ensure that the results you get are accurate and conclusive. You can then make an informed decision regarding your health. The medical professionals at the facility are qualified and have the necessary experience in offering varied services to give you the best chance of living a healthy life. 

Why Choose Calvary Urgent Care For Your Medical Needs 

The center located in Humble, Texas is a top-rated facility that offers compassionate family medicine services. Patients require a facility that has a proven record of accomplishment of providing quality services. At Calvary Urgent Care, you will be getting assistance from highly skilled and qualified health practitioners. 

All the practitioners at the facility are board-certified and have broad experience in diagnosing different health conditions and providing effective treatment solutions. The doctors are well equipped to provide comprehensive, primary, and specialty care services. They can offer effective chronic disease management services to patients of all age groups. 

The medical staff at the facility take a whole-person methodology to health care that is personalized, coordinated, and thoughtful to the patient's needs. The center is installed with the latest technologically advanced equipment to offer prompt lab testing services on site. 

The Lab Services Offered At The Center 

The lab testing services provided at the center include: 

· Confidential STD testing 
· Sport physicals 
· Drug testing 
· Pregnancy testing 
· Adults and pediatrics 
· Department of Transport (DOT) physicals 

Other services offered at the facility Apart from the above-mentioned lab services, the facility is also qualified to provide other services including but not limited to: 

· Pharmacy services 
· Workers compensation services 
· Fractures treatment 
· Minor office procedures 
· Adults and pediatrics services 
· Occupational medicine 
· Wound care 
· X-Rays 
· Travel vaccines 
· Immigration exams 

What To Expect During A Drug Test 

Drug tests are standard procedures that anyone can be required to undertake. For instance, if you are a new employee in an organization, you might be required to undergo a test and present your results. This should not make you feel nervous as it is a simple procedure that lasts only a few minutes, and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. 

Drugs are usually checked in various ways. Drugs are mostly detected in your urine, hair, blood and saliva. However, medical experts who conduct drug tests opt for urine tests since urine is relatively simple to collect, test and the results come quickly. With that said, there are other types of drug tests. They include: 

· Blood drug test 
· Saliva drug test 
· Hair drug test 

Let Calvary Urgent Care Offer Effective Treatment For You And Your Loved Ones

The medical center is always open when you need urgent care. You can check-in at any time during weekdays whenever you are free, and you can also visit during the weekend when they offer extended hours each Saturday. 

If you want to book an appointment, you can call their office at any time or visit their website and book the appointment online.

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