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top neuro physical behavioral medicine center

Many people suffer from neuro physical disorders such as ADHD, ADD, autism, stress-related illnesses, and stress disorders, to name a few. At Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine, the providers offer expert neuro physical and behavioral medicine to help resolve and alleviate any neuro physical disorder symptoms. Patients who are suffering from stress disorders in Irvine, and West Los Angeles, CA, can benefit from the state-of-the-art technology and quality care of professionals at the center. To determine how these evidence-based treatments can help your condition, call, or request an appointment online. 

About The Practice 

Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine has been in practice for over four decades now. Throughout this time, the center has helped over 15,000 patients benefit from behavioral and neuro physical medicine healing. Dr. David Velkoff, Medical Director, leads a team of licensed and highly-skilled neuro physical trainers, program coordinators, therapists, and psychologists. These professionals combine their practice to ensure that every patient receives wholesome care, reducing and removing any symptoms of neuro physical disorders. 

The specialists at Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine are open to any queries, comments, or concerns a patient may have about their practice. For more information about the practice, patients can check the FAQ section on the facility’s website. Any additional insurance information is also indicated there on the site. 

About The Services, Treatment, And Program 

The expert behavioral and neuro physical medicine practice has gained recognition from all over the world. The facility attracts patients from across the globe. Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine uses a multidisciplinary approach to address patient's conditions. The staff offers a no- prescription program that incorporates multiple medical fields; neurosciences, psychology, family therapy, medicine, and neuropsychology to provide effective treatments. During a consultation, an EEG brain scan and initial evaluation are done to compile the information required to create a customized treatment plan. 

The custom treatment might consist of brain mapping neuromodulation or neurofeedback training or therapy, behavioral modification, rehabilitation, and family support. The team of providers at the center uses brain mapping to identify any brain dysfunction. The recommended treatment addresses the target area, enhancing brain function, and hidden brain malfunctioning. Patients with an autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, PTSD, hypertension, insomnia, autoimmune issues, migraines, panic attacks, and depression can benefit from these treatments. 

Patient Resources 

Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine emphasizes patient education through multiple platforms- videos, podcasts, and blog posts. For instance, some featured articles talk about PTSD, the importance of brain mapping, and the connection between ADHD and video games. Patients should reach out to the facility’s web page and check out some of these pieces to learn more about the practice. 


Patients can reach out to either the West Los Angeles or Irvine office through mobile or book an appointment using the online booking tool. The map directions provided will help you to pin the exact office location for a visit. 

In conclusion, the Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine is a state-of-the-art behavioral and neuro physical practice. Patients can benefit from a broad scope of evidence-based treatments for various neuro physical disorders. To request an appointment, book online or call today.

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