How To Set Up A Full-Time Office At Home

how to set up full-time home office productive workplace

Will you be working from home for the long haul due to the recent health crisis? Are you about to set up a permanent workspace and wondering where to start? We have got your back! Take a look at our top tips below on setting up a comfortable, efficient and enjoyable workspace in your home. 

Pick The Perfect Location 

The first step to creating the ultimate home office is to pick the perfect location. Not everyone has a dedicated office or study in their home, so if this is the case, you need to choose another space that will work just as well. For instance, you could set up your office in your spare bedroom, conservatory, shed, loft conversion or even converted basement. The key is to make sure it’s away from distractions like your TV, or hobby equipment like musical instruments, yoga mats and so on. This will help you to maintain focus on work throughout your day. 

Invest In Quality Equipment 

Once you have picked a place for your office, the next thing to do is invest in good quality equipment that will help you do your job safely and effectively. If you work on a computer, it is important to get a decent desk with sufficient legroom and space for your monitor, keyboard, mouse and so on. When setting up your desk, make sure your monitor(s) are at the right height for your eye line, your chair is set so you can sit comfortably and you can rest your arms appropriately on the desk as you type. Check out the HSE’s guide on seating at work for more info. 

Make It An Inspiring Space 

It is worth taking some time and energy to make your new office an inspiring and enjoyable space to be in. After all, it is likely you will be spending a fair amount of time there – so you need to feel happy and comfortable in your new work space! Firstly, add some color to brighten up the work space with plants, flowers, candles, clocks, cushions or anything else you fancy! You could also put up artwork or typography that inspires you, as well as photo frames with snaps of your nearest and dearest in the home workplace. 

WFH Working For You

There are plenty of ways to make your new home office work for you, from investing in the right equipment to injecting your own personality with finishing touches. However you decide to decorate, it is essential to set yourself a budget and monitor your spending as you go along. This will ensure that you don’t spend too much and invest an appropriate amount in line with how often you will be using the space when WFH. Make working from home work for you!

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