5 Reasons Why You Need a Beer Line Cleaner

reasons bars need beer line cleaner fresh beers

Have you fantasied about that cold, crisp beer at the end of the day or a hard week? You get to the bar, put your order in, hold it to your lips and suddenly it smells bad and tastes of chemicals? That is the result of poor beer line hygiene. As someone who sells beer or even serves it in a home bar, you need to keep your pumps clean and bacteria-free. Below, we go through the reasons why you need a beer line cleaner. 

1. Beer Line Cleaner Reduces Bacteria 

Beer is made from a delicate balance of yeasts and bacteria. If you fail to clean your lines, elements can breed on the side of the lines. This can come off into other beers pushed through the pipe, infecting the brew. 

This yeast can also cause carbon dioxide production that is not needed in the line. Having excess carbon dioxide will cause the beer to froth and bubble when pulled, increasing loss of product and essentially, profit. 

2. Improves Taste 

In old beer, its yeast and components can upset the balance and taste if it is left in the lines. They can also adversely impact temperature control, which is vital if you are a craft beer establishment that needs to serve beer at specific temperatures. 

It is also important that you get the correct dose and brand of beer line cleaner. If this is wrong, you can get a metallic or chemical taste in your beer. This will be almost impossible to remove without a whole line replacement. 

3. Increases Customer Satisfaction 

It is very rare that a customer would tell you if a beer does not taste correct. They will often simply not buy another and go to a different bar. This will cost you customers and money. 

Beer from uncleaned lines can also put people off buying certain brands, and suppliers and large companies would be unwilling to do business if they knew their product was being sold as a substandard product. It will impact their brand awareness and they may take business elsewhere. 

4. Aids in Food Tasting 

Just like wine compliments a meal, so can beer. If you are an establishment that also makes money from dining, a beer from an unclean beer line can ruin a meal for a patron. Just as you would not serve out of date meat or withered vegetables, you must also ensure the freshness in your beer. 

5. Keeps the Coloration of the Beer 

Just as foreign bodies in beer can impact the taste, they can also impact on the coloration. This is important as the color of a beer should also give some indication of its flavor. A discolored or cloudy beer will be noticed by customers. 

Better Beer And Bars 

Now you can see why you need a good, regular beer line cleaner, you need to build a schedule so that it is done regularly and on a cycle. If you are looking for other ways to save money in your beer bar, pub, winery, or restaurant business, then check out the blog on Frugal Fitness. We have lots of money-saving ideas for lifestyle and business purposes, so let us help you get frugal today!

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