Tips On Finding The Best Movers

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Are you planning to move your apartment? Apartment moves are a whole different package compared to moving a house. You probably have fewer things to pack from a two-bedroom apartment than you might in a two-bedroom house.  Another difference is that apartment moves may require navigating stairwells and long hallways. 

Whether you are moving down the street or cross country, hiring quality, reliable and professional moving service is a must.  The sooner you start your search for a moving company the better.  As a rule of thumb, aim to book your move at least one month in advance. 

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you start looking into moving professionals: 

1. Moving Location - same city, state or across the state? Where you are moving to will control which moving company you will be using. 

2. What Are The Things I Am Moving -  You have to decide what are the things that are going with you to your new home, what is not and what gets donated before you start looking for movers. 

Short vs. Long Distance Moves 

If you are moving short distances like within the city, then it is great to choose local licensed companies. Such companies often offer cheaper rates. Long-distance moves would cost more because of more fuel use. 

Hiring Movers 

Knowing how to choose a moving company that best fulfills your needs is the key to having a successful move. The process of finding reliable moving companies, comparing quotes, and choosing the moving company that is right for you is no easy feat. To help simplify your move, an online marketplace platform like Shiply is here to help.  It can connect you with a list of reliable and rated moving companies that can help you move safely.  Once you have filled in the online form, you will receive personalized quotes sent to your mailbox, giving you one place to compare quotes and services.  You can also check the ratings and reviews of these moving companies. 

What To Consider When Choosing A Moving Company 

Every home is different and requires different needs from a moving company. Here are what to consider when comparing moving companies: 

• Look for information such as the number of years the company has been in service and the number of moves the company has completed. You can also perform a check a moving company’s official history and safety records.  You can also check to see if the moving company is registered with the relevant authorities in your state. 

• Besides transporting your belongings, many moving companies offer additional moving services. When you are informed of the type of services that are right for your move will help you find the moving company that can best accommodate your needs. 

• Your final moving cost will be determined by several factors such as the size of your home and the distance of your move.  As such your actual moving cost may vary. Once you have received a quote that includes any additional services and a moving date, you can directly make the comparison. Click here to learn more. 

Additional moving expenses such as packing services and insurance will impact your final price. It is best to compare all moving companies and quotes based on the same set of services.

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