Benefits Of Intrauterine Devices

benefits intrauterine devices iud birth control

Intrauterine devices (IUD) are a common method of birth control in Midwood, Brooklyn. You should consider an IUD placement in Midwood as a birth control method if you do not already have one. 

Every method of birth control has its upside and downside. The following are some of the benefits of intrauterine devices: 

1. They Are Effective 

When choosing a birth control method, you want one with the highest success rate. IUDs are 99% effective and have one of the highest success rates among birth control methods. 

One reason why intrauterine devices are so effective is that you cannot tamper with them. Once they are in place, only a licensed medical professional should touch them. 

You cannot tamper with it, as is the case with condoms. You cannot forget to use it, for example, with birth control pills, hence their effectiveness. 

2. They Are Convenient 

Birth control methods do not get any more convenient than IUDs. Once they are implanted, you forget them unless there is a problem or you want to remove the device. 

Therefore, you do not have to worry about messing with it like you would with other birth control devices. There is also nothing more you need to do to an IUD before sex to ensure its effectiveness. 

Moreover, once you get an IUD implant, you no longer have to worry about birth control for three to twelve years, depending on the type of IUD. Therefore, IUDs are a birth control method that causes minimal disruption to your life. 

3. They Are Reversible 

A great feature of intrauterine devices is that you can still get pregnant even after using them. All you have to do is get a doctor to take out the device, and you can start planning the conception of your child. 

IUDs do not affect your fertility whatsoever, other than when you are using them. They do not make it more challenging to get pregnant once you stop using them, like birth control pills. 

Some women get pregnant immediately after they remove their intrauterine device. 

4. They Make Periods Less Cumbersome 

Women are always looking for a way to make their periods more tolerable, and IUDs are one way to do so. It helps that they also prevent you from unwanted pregnancy. 

Hormonal intrauterine devices like Skyla and Mirena are the ones that can make your periods better. They can reduce the frequency and severity of your menstrual cramps. 

IUDs can also make your menstrual flow lighter. In some cases, women stop getting their periods entirely, which is excellent for women with incredibly heavy menstrual flow. 

5. They Can Be Used In Emergencies 

As far as emergency contraception is concerned, intrauterine devices are the best of the lot. Paragard IUDs, in particular, are very useful in situations where you urgently need a contraceptive. 

They are nearly 100% effective if you get the intrauterine device within five days or 120 hours of having intercourse. Their effectiveness gradually decreases the longer you stay without the device after unprotected sex. 

Even when you get an IUD in an emergency, it can continue preventing unwanted pregnancy for a decade to come.

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