Benefits Of Tubal Reversal Explained

benefits of tubal reversal surgery fallopian tubes fertility

Taking charge of your reproductive health is one of the significant peaks of womanhood. It goes beyond the quest to derive sexual pleasure and keep diseases at bay and plan your child's birth. If living in Santa Monica and Environs, getting a qualified reproductive endocrinologist is a step towards taking that control. Santa Monica tubal reversal specialists will provide you with adequate reproductive care. 

1. The Procedure 

Sometimes, as a form of contraception, you might opt to undergo tubal ligation. However, somewhere along the line, you desire to conceive another child. Your doctor will carry out a tubal reversal on you. The technique implements the unblocking of fallopian tubes to reverse the contraceptive method. When you have blocked tubes, your ovum has no pathway for meeting with the sperm for fertilization. 

2. One Intervention 

One of the most outstanding benefits of a tubal reversal is carrying multiple pregnancies after the procedure. Therefore, you don't need to alternate multiple intervention surgeries for subsequent pregnancies. Consequently, you still hold on to your fertility ability even in the future. 

3. Natural Remedy for Pregnancy 

The procedure involves a realistic approach in reversing the tubal blockage. Consequently, you can become pregnant again. The joy in holding a new baby in your arms again is thrilling, and you can experience that after the tubal reversal. Furthermore, it is also possible if you desire to carry a natural pregnancy. 

Additionally, the freedom to conceive more than once is a desirable result following the procedure. Furthermore, you don't need to worry about having hormonal injections as a contraceptive method always. Moreover, you can naturally conceive without reinforcing hormonal medication. 

4. Minimal Invasive Surgery Is Possible 

Thanks to technology, your specialist can incorporate laparoscopic techniques in the surgery. The minimally invasive surgery has minor incisions that can reverse the tubal ligation. As a result, you have a quicker process following the surgery. Not to forget, you will experience minimal pain, and you can resume your everyday life within no time. Additionally, you will also have minimal to no scarring following the procedure. 

5. Restores Your Emotional Wellness 

If you experienced regret after tying your tubes, the procedure offers you an alternative in getting rid of your unwarranted feelings. You reclaim the ability to enjoy motherhood again without feeling remorse about the process. Additionally, you can reverse the post tubal ligation syndrome that happens after undergoing tubal ligation. 

6. Before Undergoing the Procedure 

Before undergoing the procedure, your doctor will evaluate you to identify whether you are the best fit. For instance, your age plays a significant role in influencing the success rates of conceiving after the reversal. Additionally, the tubal reversal is viable if only a smaller area of your oviduct underwent removal. Alternatively, it is also applicable if your doctor blocked your Fallopian tubes with rings.

Fallopian Tube Fertility 

Lastly, do not hesitate to express your feelings for a tubal reversal with your doctor. Enjoying motherhood again is a pleasant experience, and you can achieve that through the surgical procedure. The restoration of your fertility is a significant milestone in womanhood.

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