5 Reasons Why You Should Floss Every Day

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There is more to optimal oral health than brushing twice a day. Good oral health also has to do with flossing, using a mouthwash solution, and visually checking your mouth and gums to ascertain that everything looks normal. Dr. Shebani Pahwa Arora asserts that it is worth taking two minutes of your precious time to floss your teeth. Below are five reasons why this should be among your routine activities. 

1. Flossing Cleans Deeply

Flossing your teeth removes close to 40% of the sticky substance that is hard to remove using a brush. This sticky substance, if not removed, turns into plaque, attracting bacteria. Plaque also causes cavities, can cause gum disease, and makes your mouth have a foul smell. This substance starts to harden immediately when you are through with eating and firmly sticks on your teeth after 48 hours. After plaque has settled on your teeth, the best way to remove it will be to seek professional cleaning at SPA Dental Group. 

Each of your teeth has five surfaces, with at least two of them not being cleaned when you fail to floss. This leads to bacteria build up over time, causing toothaches and gum disease. 

2. Flossing Helps Stop Gum Bleeding 

Do your gums bleed when you floss? If yes, this should increase your resolve to floss. When you floss frequently, bleeding will stop since this will reduce the bacteria around your gum line. Bleeding occurs since your body has to send blood cells in the affected area to deal with the bacteria. Contrary to popular belief, flossing helps reduce gum bleeding. 

3. Flossing Helps Improve Your Overall Health 

Did you know that your dentist will be the first person to detect diabetes and some types of cancers? Oral hygiene is vital in promoting overall health and reduces your risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke. Additionally, flossing will help improve your health if you are battling any of these conditions since it helps slow down their progression. 

4. Helps Protect Against Cavities 

The dentist chair is uncomfortable to lay on, especially when you have a toothache due to cavities. Cavities can form in a tooth or between teeth, which is why you should not forget to use the thread. This helps get rid of the hard-to-reach plaque in the crevices between your teeth. Cavities can make you become a frequent visitor to your doctor, or worse, lose your natural teeth. 

5. Flossing is Good for the Health of Your Unborn Child 

If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, flossing has double benefits for you. Gum disease predisposes you to the risk of premature and low weight births. Becoming a great mother starts before conception and not when your child is born. Flossing helps create a healthy environment for you and your unborn child. 

Forever Flossing

You can go to any length when protecting your smile. Make flossing part of your daily dental health routine and routinely visit your dentist for a checkup. Your body, health, and those around you will start to appreciate.

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