8 Common Mistakes To Avoid For Better Beard Growth

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Did you know that in many cases the reason why people can’t seem to grow a thick, healthy beard is because of mistakes that they themselves are making? Frankly speaking most people make lots of mistakes that adversely affect the growth of their beards. 

That is the reason why it helps to know some of the more common mistakes - and make it a point to avoid them. In particular the ones that you should be aware of are: 

 Not Applying Beard Oil 

Beard oil is important for beard growth, as it can keep the skin under your beard healthy and moisturized. That in turn will ensure that your beard is healthier too, and grows thicker. 

• Applying Beard Oil To Your Beard Itself 

Although it is known as ‘beard’ oil, you shouldn’t applying it to your beard. Instead, beard oil should be worked through your beard and applied to the skin underneath it. 

 Growing It Wild 

Want to first grow your beard to a certain length and then start to trim and shape it? That’s a mistake, and if you want your beard to grow fuller and faster you should prune it regularly to get rid of split ends. If you don’t trim your beard the split ends could get worse over time. 

 Not Washing The Beard Enough 

It is important that you wash your beard so that dust and dirt doesn’t get trapped in it. Make it a point to wash your beard thoroughly at least two or three times a week. 

 Using Shampoo (Or Normal Soap) To Wash A

Many people tend to wash their beard with shampoo or normal soap. Neither are ideal however, as they’ll strip away the natural oils that your beard needs to grow. To avoid that you should always use a specialized beard cleanser, soap, or conditioner. 

 Not Brushing Regularly 

By brushing your beard you can help to distribute beard oil through your facial hair and make sure it works its way down to your skin. On top of that it will train your beard hairs to grow downwards and make it easier to maintain. 

 Using The Wrong Brush 

While brushing your beard can benefit it in various ways – you need to use the right brush when you do so. Try to avoid cheap plastic brushes, and instead look for brushes with nylon (or boar hair) bristles that are gentle yet rigid. 

 Giving Up Too Quickly 

When you’re growing a beard the biggest mistake you can make is to give up too quickly. It will take time for your efforts to yield results, so you should at least wait two months before you make any decisions. 

As you’ve probably noticed it isn’t really all that difficult to avoid the mistakes listed above – especially now that you know what to look out for. Just be sure to be a little careful, and you should be able to see a dramatic improvement in the growth of your beard.

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