GogoPDF: Your Online Merger Tool For Your PDF Files

gogopdf online merger tool combine pdf files

Using PDF format significantly helps you manage all of your electronic files. It’s a fixed, reliable, and portable file format that you can conveniently use and organize on your computer or smartphone. PDF files are easy to share, upload online, and even attach to any email. That’s why many people use PDFs for various practical purposes. 

However, dealing with so many PDF files might give so much work to do. When you are a busy person, you might find it difficult to organize these files in your device file storage. Good thing that GogoPDF is now available online to help you manage your PDFs effectively. GogoPDF is a website with an online PDF merger tool you can use that's 100% free and safe. 

The merger tool allows you to combine multiple PDFs in one single PDF file. Hence, you can merge files with the same content that you can use to accomplish the same tasks. You can also unify those files created on the same date and will serve the same purpose. Check the essential details below to know the easiest way to merge your PDF files using GogoPDF. 

Merge Your PDFs Quickly 

Most people prefer to use an online tool that will process merging their files as quickly as possible. Especially for those busy people like you, you always want to make all your tasks done in the fastest time possible. That’s why you have to use the PDF merger of GogoPDF because it can merge PDF files within a few minutes. 

You only need to upload your PDFs on the online merger tool of GogoPDF. The system will then automatically combine all of the files you’ve uploaded. Once it’s done, the merged files are now available for download. 

Hence, you can save them on your computer file storage or smartphone. These PDF files are now ready to use and will give you the convenience of accessing the files you need in a single PDF file on your device anytime and anywhere. 

Compatible With Your Device 

The PDF merger tool of GogoPDF is compatible with many devices. The system doesn’t require any particular device and specific operating system before using the PDF merger. You can conveniently use whatever device you have, such as a laptop or desktop computer, or a tablet and a smartphone you always use. 

You can also use either an Android or an iPhone. Even Linux, Mac, or Windows, you’ll never encounter any technical issues while using any of these operating systems. Since the PDF merger is found on the official website of GogoPDF, you need to access a safe web browser. Hence, you can use Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, and many others. 

Moreover, GogoPDF doesn’t require you to be a tech professional before you can start using the PDF merger. The website uses a simple web interface with links and buttons easy to understand. You only need to follow the simple steps by clicking some necessary buttons, and you’ll get your PDFs merged. That’s the most convenient way of combining your PDF files using the GogoPDF platform. 

Safe PDF Merger 

Your files may contain important information that you don’t want others to access without your permission. Because of that, you may sometimes hesitate to upload them online to get merged. Don’t worry because GogoPDF is programmed to make your PDF files safe at all times. 

After you download the merged files to your computer or smartphone., GogoPDF will erase all of the files you’ve uploaded online. The system will then automatically delete your files after sixty minutes permanently from its server or online file storage. Hence, you’ll be confident in using the GogoPDF platform because your PDFs are safe and secure.


You might find other platforms online that will give you free access to their PDF merger tools. However, not all of these tools can give you the same quality of service that GogoPDF provides for your PDF files. Hence, if you need a PDF merger tool in the future, always remember to check GogoPDF.

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