8 Low-Budget Effective Marketing Tactics

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If you want to make sales, then promoting your product is essential. However, spending a fortune on advertising is not necessary. 

You can market your merchandise using these 8 low budget yet effective advertising techniques, and we guarantee that you will get results. 

1. Giveaways 

Partner up with brands and influencers for a big contest giveaway instead of going for small ones. This way, you will attract a more massive crowd towards your website and social media pages. You can also collect the audience's email information in this contest. That data can help generate sales. 

2. Receipt Maker 

Instead of sending your parcel with an invoice, you should send it with a receipt. The receipt will contain your logo and company information. The receipt can remind the customer about the product they purchased and, in turn, your company too. It won't cost you much as you can make receipts easily using a free receipt generator. This marketing tactic is practically free! 

3. Referral

"One satisfied customer can bring ten new ones" – every successful business has sworn by this statement. However, getting that referral forward in the digitalized world can be a bit difficult but not impossible. Offering your customer a discount or perks in exchange for a referral is a tactic using which Uber has made millions. 

4. Use Social Media Platforms Effectively

When you compare the cost of advertising on traditional media vs. social media, you will find that social media advertising will cost you way lesser than conventional media advertising. With social media ads, you can track the ROI and change the ad demography and geography without going through any hassle. 

5. Put In An Alluring Discount

Instead of selling millions in discounts, use those to give your customer a 10-15% discount on your products. Human beings tend to jump at a slight chance of saving money. There is no other full-proof way to make sales. 

6. Make Customers Feel Exclusive

When you offer customers things like "sneak peek into a new collection before release" or "Exclusive purchase for email signees", it will encourage them to buy stuff from you. It will get you loyal customers who will give your product/service preference over everything. 

7. Blog 

A blog on the product/service website can be a game-changer. You can have blogs about how people can benefit from using your product or what your product offers. Also, if you optimize your blog using SEO tactics, you can attract traffic from google. Being on the first page of Google can do wonders in terms of making sales. You don't have to necessarily pay for blogs; you can easily YouTube and learn to write SEO articles. It is all about the work you're ready to do to make your business successful. 

8. Appoint Brand Ambassadors 

A brand ambassador can help you market your product, and you can reach the right target market through them. In return for the sales, they generate you can offer them a bit of discount or perks. It seems easy enough to utilize this low-budget marketing tactic. The only part you should focus on is hiring the right brand ambassadors because they will be your brand's face. 


You will find most of these tips are attainable easily, and yes, everyone out there is using the same formula. The secret behind some brand's success is its ability to take a risk when marketing. There is no exact formula for marketing a product. Each action has a different reaction for more detail invoicy.io.

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