Amazing Therapeutic Effects Of Magic Mushrooms

therapeutic effects magic mushrooms psilocybin medical use

Magic mushroom is a type of fungi that contain psilocybin chemical, which when ingested in the body, delivers psychedelic experiences. You can use various terms when referring to magic mushrooms. These include psilocybin mushrooms, booms, shrooms, and psychedelic mushrooms. Current research shows that booms have healing effects for people with various psychiatric issues. Keep reading for mind boggling facts about this fungus and where to buy magic mushroom online. 

Historical Facts Of Magic Mushrooms 

Booms have been in the world from time immemorial. In North Africa, for example, documented evidence shows that psychedelic mushrooms were in use by communities in 10,000 B.C.E. Statue carvings featuring magic mushrooms show that some ancient communities used them as a medium of communicating with gods. Various communities used the shrooms during specific spiritual ceremonies and are part of the evolution process of man. Other parts of the world where magic mushrooms were used include: 

Old Greece: According to records, ancient Greeks used magic mushroom liquor during their religious rites. The therapeutic ceremonies were solemn, and their proceedings remained a solemn secret. 

Central America: the ancient communities comprise of the Mayan and Aztec referred magic mushrooms as teonanacatl, meaning meat of the gods. The booms were critical during religious ceremonies. 

Siberia: ancient communities took reindeers’ urine that ate shrooms. 

The Legal Status Of Psychedelic Mushrooms 

At the federal level, the U.S. regards magic mushrooms as schedule 1 drug. However, some states, specifically Colorado and Denver, have decriminalized psilocybin mushrooms because of their therapeutic value. Other countries where magic mushrooms are legal include Jamaica, Brazil, Netherlands, Vietnam, and Samoa. 

Due to their historical importance and therapeutic potential, many countries may decriminalize booms soon. Before delving into their significance, it's critical to evaluate some recent research and its critical findings on magic mushrooms. 

Clinical Studies On The Effects Of Psilocybin Mushrooms In Our Bodies 

Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic chemical that acts on neural pathways in the brain that utilize the serotonin hormone. The compound profoundly affects the brain's prefrontal region that controls abstract thinking, mood regulation, and thoughtful evaluation. Upon its introduction to the brain, psilocybin leads to multiple sensory distortions, just like marijuana. 

Researchers have discovered that psilocybin can attach to the serotonin to enhance recovery. Depressive mice injected with low levels of psilocybin have registered recovery and regeneration of damaged brain cells. This evidence implies that the chemical can also be useful in treating people suffering from anxiety and depression. 

Some research indicates that magic psilocybin has positive mental health, as they can help treat addiction effects of drugs like cocaine and tobacco smoking. 

Many people are suffering from cancer experience anxiety and depression. Studies show that small amounts of psilocybin accompanied by psychotherapy can defeat anxiety and depression resulting from a cancer diagnosis. This breakthrough may help such patients to improve the quality of their life. 

All these studies help to bolster the fact that magic mushrooms are beneficial to human beings. There is, therefore, an urgent need for governments all over the world to decriminalize them or come up with regulations governing their cultivation and use. 

How To Buy Shrooms Online 

Although magic mushrooms are illegal in many countries, you can enjoy their benefits by buying them from online stores. Before buying the product, it’s critical to conduct some background research to ensure that the online dispensary you choose has the quality shrooms that you may require. Here are some factors to consider while shopping online: 


Getting the best quality magic mushrooms is one of the main challenges that face many buyers. This partly emanates from the fact that you don’t conduct physical checks on the product to ascertain its standards. There are, however, various tactics you can apply to ensure that you buy excellent quality shrooms. For one, you should check what the previous clients are saying about the dispensary and the quality of its products. Secondly, it's vital to determine whether they give comprehensive product descriptions that give you a whole picture of the contents. 

The Number Of Magic Mushrooms You Need 

While shopping for booms, it’s essential to evaluate the amount you need. You should then check whether the specific dispensary you want to buy from can supply the required amount. 


The price of shrooms depends on various factors, such as quality and type. Before buying the product, ensure that you compare prices by various vendors to determine where you can buy it at a reasonable rate. Also, check whether the online dispensary offers exclusive discounts and special deals to save some amount. 


There are various kinds of magic mushrooms. Before choosing a particular type, it’s essential to consider the potency you require. For instance, if you’re suffering from depression, you may consider buying a powerful product for quick and effective outcomes. You should also determine the taste you require if you want to chew the product. 


The urgency with which you require the product may determine the shipping type to be used. For instance, if you need the item urgently, you may be a slightly higher shipping amount to cater for faster transportation services. Also, factors like form can determine the urgency with which the product should ship. When raw, the product should be sent through the fastest shipping means like air, which ultimately increases the overall price. 

Web Content 

While shopping for psilocybin mushrooms, you need to survey the website of the online store you select to determine whether it has informative blogs and articles. Top-notch stores offer clients educative materials that help the latter make informed decisions. Always buy shrooms online from dispensaries with multiple pieces of information to help you understand how to use their products. 

Final Thoughts On Magic Shrooms

Multiple research pieces indicate that psilocybin is useful in the treatment of various mental conditions that afflict human beings. Although psychedelic mushrooms are illegal in most countries, research findings may compel governments to lift the bans and legalize the product. 

At the moment, you can purchase the magic mushroom product from online dispensaries. However, before buying magic shrooms, consider various factors as elaborated above.

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