Everything You Need To Know About The All-New Injectable Skincare

new injectable skincare profhilo renew sagging skin

What is Profhilo? It is an injectable treatment with Hyaluronic acid, which works by hydrating and bio-remodelling sagging skin. The acid renews the fat tissue to do the magic. 

Popularised in Europe, it has now arrived in Singapore. Here, we will explain the things that you should know about this new skincare procedure along with Profhilo Singapore cost

How Does It Work? 

• It hydrates and treats skin laxity by injecting Hyaluronic acid, which is the first-ever BDDE-free type. 

• It is amongst the market’s highest concentration of Hyaluronic acid of 64mg per 2cc. After stabilization, the acid remains in the skin for approximately 28 days. 

• It acts by using a hybrid of L-HA and H-HA forms of Hyaluronic acid. 

• The mixture facilitates bio remodelling by releasing the acid slowly and hence lasting longer. The mixture releases L-HA gradually to hydrate the skin with hydro effects

• Similarly, H-HA stabilizes in the skin to provide a lifting effect with volume addition. 

• Simultaneously, the gradual release of acid stimulates four kinds of elastin and collagen. 

• Consequently, it increases the expression levels of four collagen types, namely type 1,3,4 and 7. 

What are the Benefits of This Treatment? 

1. Lasts Longer 

The NAHYCO Hybrid technology stabilizes HA to ensure 30 times better longevity compared to usual non-cross-linked acid fillers. 

2. Low Risk Of Lump Formation 

Non BDDE cross-linking facilitates the spread reducing the risk of lump formation compared to other procedures. 

3. Highest HA Concentration 

4. Collagen And Elastin Bio-Remodelling 

The mixture stimulates Collagen and Elastin at three skin levels. They are the epidermis, dermis, and superficial fatty layer. 

However, other bio stimulators (Ellanse, Radiesse) generate a lower grade inflammation posing a high risk of granuloma. 

What Is The Treatment Process? 

You typically need two sittings of Profhilo treatment with a gap of four weeks. Unlike other skin-boosting procedures requiring 3-4 sessions, Profhilo is beneficial with a lesser number of sessions, especially for busy people. You will need one syringe of 2cc in every session. 

You will need ten injections for full-face treatment, with five injection points for each side of the face. In conventional procedures, you need at least 30 injection points to be effective. Hence, Profhilo helps with fewer injection points. It mainly helps busy people wanting to reduce the recovery period. Moreover, it also reduces bruising risk and pain. Similarly, you need only ten injection points for neck treatment. 

Is There Any Downtime For Profhilo Treatment? 

You may notice slight inflammation at the injection site, which disappears within 24 hours because it quickly spreads to nearby cell space. 

The BAP injection method avoids large blood vessels, thereby concealing light bruises at injection points since it involves only five points for each side of the face. 

What Is The Cost Of This Treatment? 

The price of Profhilo starts from $1000 per session. 

You may need more than one session based on the extent of skin laxity. You can also combine laser treatments or injections for holistic results. 

Can I Use This Treatment If I Have Used Other Such Therapies Before? 

Before starting the treatment, it is crucial to discuss previous therapies with your dermatologist before proceeding with your Profhilo treatment. Usually, Profhilo does not react with Rejuran, commonly used by other skin booster treatments, since Profhilo is a non-BDDE cross-linked treatment. Still, we don’t have enough data to correlate the interaction between two different products.

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