How To Start A Residual Income Business For Passive Profit Revenue Streams

how to start residual income business passive profits

How To Start A Profitable Passive Income Business 

Looking for extra income online? Here’s the best way on How to Start a Residual Income Business. More people are getting into the trend of working from home. 

Over 52 million Americans work from home and this number is exponentially bigger worldwide. Why? Because jobs are a leftover commodity from the Post-Industrial Era, We needed jobs back then to help the large manufacturers get tanks ready for wars and cars made available to us, the consumer. Things have dramatically changed with technology. We are now able to create a product and brand of our own and promote it to the masses through a simple website. 

So far there has been no other time in history where could we stay home, create something unique, and sell it worldwide with a click of the mouse. Technology is evolving fast and that means also that more and more jobs will be outsourced or automated. 

Boston Dynamics creates robots. Their latest robot weighs 180 pounds and is about 5 feet tall. It can already do many jobs that our laborers do, like Warehouse work and restaurant work. This is exciting and scary at the same time. I was a cook. If I was still working in restaurants, I would be pretty scared right now! Fortunately, I started this blog and make residual income with network marketing. What is network marketing and MLM? Network marketing is also known as “word-of-mouth” marketing, because companies use people like you and I to promote their products instead of spending millions on advertising. What is even better about network marketing is that you earn commissions not only on your orders, but for the orders from all the distributors on your team. This creates monthly passive income. 

If you had 10 distributors on your team who ordered once a month from you, you would get $150 a month in residual income. This would take $48,000 in the bank earning 5% interest to make that. It would take $120,000 in the bank earning 2%.

Network marketing is easier to establish that amount coming in rather than saving over $50,000 to put in the bank. But, it’s not exactly easy. It’s a simple business, but not easy. You still need to find people like you who want to recruit others into the business. You can also be happy with customers who order the product and don’t build the business. You ideally want a blend of customers and distributors in your Direct Sales organization. Direct Selling is big business, generating over $180 Billion in global revenue. There’s 18 million distributors, or Independent Business Owners in the U.S. alone. It’s a great way to earn supplemental income or job-replacing income. It’s completely legal and has no income cap, which means if you’re a motivated leader-type, you could easily bring in a doctor’s or lawyer’s salary or beyond. 

The highest paid distributor in the world right now makes $4 million a month, yes month. How do you start a direct selling business? It’s simple. Network Marketing companies comprise of distributors. You simply find a product that you think you would benefit from, then find a distributor who represents that company and sign up through them. Since Direct selling is about “word-of-mouth” advertising through its distributors, the companies usually do not have a sign up form on their corporate site. Some do, but you need the referring member’s ID # to sign up that way. I found a product that I loved which helped with stress and anxiety. It is all natural and saved me a trip to the doctor’s and from taking a toxic prescription drug. 

Once I signed up as a “free tour” taker to the company I wanted to join, I simply proceeded to the product order page and selected my quantity of that product. There was a one-time starter fee of $20 to become an IBO, Independent Business Owner, which gave me my marketing tools to promote the business, like autoresponders and lead capture pages. I then was all ready to start promoting this product. I took the supplement immediately when it arrived, but I started promoting my new capture pages on Twitter before I got the product. 

I knew the product was going to be good and I was excited to promote something new on my social media and possibly get orders. Some people wait to get their product and see that it works before they start promoting it, not me. I wanted to start making money online immediately. This is all up to you. In order for me to get commissions, I needed to remain as an “active distributor.” That meant ordering at least one bottle a month to stay active. At $59 plus shipping, this is insanely inexpensive for becoming a home-based Entrepreneur. You can’t even buy a franchise for less than $30,000 dollars and yet, with being a distributor for Direct Sales, I can earn just as much as a franchise owner without the risk. 

There is no risk in MLM. If you don’t want to continue, you simply cancel your “autoship” of your monthly order of the product. Simple. I make enough now in MLM to stay home full-time and work in my slippers and pay my bills.

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