Take Charge Of Your Health: 18 Foods To Meet Your Goals

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To look better and feel good, you need to work on your diet. But this does not mean at all that you need to completely abandon pleasures. It is enough to make a few subtle changes to the daily diet. 

In this article, we will help you achieve your goal. Those who want to lose weight; maintain good health, beauty, and cheerfulness in their life should thoroughly go through this article. 

For Slim Figure: 

1 - Cook The Oatmeal In Milk 

Oatmeal cooked in milk rather than water is an additional 6-8 g of protein. And protein is the main fighter against hunger. With this breakfast, you will feel full for a longer time and will not feel the desire to eat more. 

2 - Eat Spicy 

If you season your dishes with cayenne or chili, you can lose weight. How? These foods contain a substance called capsaicin, which suppresses appetite, burns fat, and speeds up metabolism. Therefore, if you want a slim figure, try this tip. 

3 - Boil The Pasta 

Harsh pasta has a lower glycemic index than soft boiled pasta. Carbohydrates after such a meal will get absorbed more slowly, and you will feel full for longer. Follow the instructions on the package. The packaging always guides the cooking procedure; you have to just follow it. 

4 - Eat Chocolate 

Not regular chocolate but one with a cocoa content above 70%. Chocolate contains catechins that improve metabolism. Moreover, it will also improve your mood and help you go through tough times. 

5- Add Cinnamon To The Coffee 

Cinnamon helps to control the release of insulin after a meal, and hence the feeling of hunger. It can also be added to your morning oatmeal or muesli. The longer you stay full, the lesser you will eat and the more weight you will lose. This does not mean that you should have longer breaks between your meals. 

6 - Drink Coffee 

A cup of coffee contains up to 130 mg of caffeine, which is known to help break down fats. But remember, we are suggesting only one cup of coffee. You should not exceed this limit. Otherwise, it can become harmful. 

For Good Health: 

7 - Make An Omelet With Whole Eggs 

Don't throw away the yolks! Yes, there will be more calories in such an omelet, but the yolk contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. In addition, the yolk contains lecithin. This substance improves memory, nourishes brain tissue, helps to restore damaged cells of the nervous system, and serves as one of the main materials of the liver. 

8 - Exercise And Eat Nutritious Breakfast 

Starting the day with exercise and a nutritious breakfast is the first step towards good health. You can include any exercise that strengthens your muscles; skipping rope, swimming, bicep stretches, or lift-ups. 

9 - Add Lemon Zest To Tea 

And not only in tea; it goes well with fish, with meat, and in the salad. Zest is the main source of vitamin C; it contains three times more of it than the pulp of lemon itself. The bioflavonoids in the zest prevent the development of allergies and stimulate the immune system. 

10 - Add Brazil Nuts To Oatmeal Or Muesli 

This product is very high in selenium. It helps the body synthesize a cytokine that affects immune responses. 2 nuts a day completely cover the entire need of selenium per day. Moreover, it will enrich the taste of your meal. 

11 - Simmer And Bake The Tomatoes 

Tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, which prevents eye diseases and the development of cardiovascular diseases. Lycopene gets absorbed by the body more efficiently after heat treatment and with fats. So tomatoes with cheese are healthy! For Beauty 

12 - Add Seeds To Your Smoothies 

Just one tablespoon of flax or chia seeds will provide you with your daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids. And they, in turn, will make your skin glowing and healthy. A healthy smoothie a day can enhance beauty. 

13 - Do Not Cook, But Bake The Potatoes 

When boiled, the potassium contained in potatoes goes into the water; when baked, it gets preserved. And potassium helps remove excess water from the body and reduces swelling. Add garlic to your meals; its antimicrobial properties are truly unique. Garlic also contains selenium, methionine, and glutathione. 

14 - Eat Cocoa 

A teaspoon of cocoa powder will provide you with a dose of flavonoids, antioxidants that improve your complexion. Moreover, there are no side-effects of eating cocoa. It can improve your mood and help to increase beauty. 

15- Drink Kefir 

Don't neglect it! If you're tired of it, whisk it in a blender with some fruit for an amazingly light, healthy, and nutritious breakfast. It adds beauty, health, and a boost of energy if you eat or drink it regularly. 

For Cheerfulness 

16 - Add Chickpeas To Salad 

Chickpeas are rich in complex carbohydrates and protein. To make the chickpeas crispy, take a jar of chickpeas, drain the water and fry in olive oil with salt and pepper. Then place them on a baking sheet and place them in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees, for 30-40 minutes. This will make your salads and vegetable soups more delicious and also help to improve your mood. 

17 - Avoid Alcohol 

If you do not want to spend your life like a sad loner, it is important that you get rid of alcohol. Do not be ashamed to admit that you are addicted to it. Do not delay treatment and get substance abuse prevention treatment before it’s too late. It will help you get back to your normal life again. 

18 - Use Spinach As A Side Dish 

Spinach contains a lot of vitamins A and C, thanks to which the iron contained in red meat gets absorbed better. Moreover, its content can impact serotonin, the hormone of happiness. It can significantly improve the mood of a person. 


Depending on your goal, you can choose a diet plan. Eating healthy meals helps you stay younger, happier, and longer. All you have to do is to adopt healthy eating habits with these top foods. Stay Healthy!

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