Romance 101: According To An Expert

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It has been a long year and there’s no doubt that after nine months of WFH and vegetating on the couch, it’s completely understandable that you and your partner may find it difficult to spice things up in the bedroom. With date nights at home becoming harder to keep exciting, couples could be wondering if there were any other ways to bring sexy back. According to Steffo Shambo, founder of Tantric Academy of Sacred Sexuality, tantric practitioner and sex and relationship expert, there are definitely some surefire ways to rekindle that romantic energy! 

Ask The Right Questions 

First of all, it’s important that you and your partner remind yourselves about what you find attractive about each other. Why did you fall for them in the first place? Knowing what your significant other likes you will build up your self-confidence, which could help drive your passion for each other. Another essential question to ask is what turns you on. How can you and your partner pleasure each other? Understand each other’s bodies - where you like to be touched and what makes you feel good. Just talking about what you like could be great foreplay and lead to some fun in the bedroom. 

Turn the bedroom into a romantic haven Imagine this: your partner leads you through a trail of rose petals to your bedroom, dimly lit with fragrant candles and soft, romantic music whispering through the air. It would be hard to resist the romantic aura surrounding the room. Now, who wouldn’t love to be treated to something like that? Even if you’re stuck at home, there are ways that you can jazz up your space to up the level of romance. Creating the right atmosphere could be the difference between Netflix & Chill and having a night filled with romance and love-making! 


Being stuck indoors is a great time to experiment with your partner in the bedroom. It is important to talk through what both of you feel comfortable with first and take it from there. You could experiment with power play in the bedroom or even try messing around with aphrodisiacs. Why not role play your sexual fantasies? Or even trying to stimulate a sensory experience with a blindfold? Experimenting is all about trusting your partner and trying new things in the bedroom, and it could act as a great way to build and grow the trust you already have with each other whilst having some fun in the process! Who said being at home had to be boring? 

Foreplay With Your Minds 

There’s a reason why the brain has been dubbed our biggest sexual organ and turning your partner on through whispering sweet nothings into their ear is a definite must to turn up the heat! Describing your greatest fantasy and engaging in dirty talk allows you to tease your partner psychologically, making them crave your touch more. The orgasmic energy created by the way you speak to each other could really turn up the heat and leave you both wanting more of each other. 

Real Romance

As a couple, you and your partner are on a journey together so don’t be disheartened if the romance love potion felt a little iffy over the last few months. Hopefully, by trying one or more of these tips from Steffo Shambo, you will be able to bring the spice back to your romantic relationship for the new year. If you’re lucky, you might even start the new year with a real bang (no pun intended)!

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