Understanding The Sinus Lift Dental Procedure

sinus lift surgery dental procedure

Sometimes, a dentist may inform you that you need surgery before getting a dental implant. While it is not a common issue, it is good to understand its reason and procedure. The patient then enjoys the results of dental implants after completing the process. Encino sinus lift can be performed as an outpatient procedure by Sargon Dental. The team of experts is qualified in all dentistry fields. Book an appointment today for your dental health or surgical needs. 

What Is A Sinus Lift? 

A sinus lift is also known as a sinus augmentation. It is a dental procedure to add bone to the upper jaw, often between the premolars and molars. It is performed by a dental specialist and will involve moving up the sinus membrane to make the required room for the bone. After recovery, the doctor can now carry on with the dental implant. 

When Do You Require A Sinus Lift? 

More people are now opting for dental implants making sinus lift a common procedure. However, it is not needed every time a patient has lost the upper teeth. It is only applicable where there is insufficient bone height in the upper part of the mouth. The cause of bone loss may include: 

· Having the periodontal disease that led to bone loss 
· Loss of the molars or any other back teeth in the upper jaw 
· Tooth loss that leads to bone reabsorption into the body 
· Maxillary sinus being extra close to the upper jaw. 

The Procedure - Before The Sinus Surgery

In simpler terms, a sinus lift can be said to be a bone transplant. Therefore, the dentist will first have to identify the source of the bone. Common sources include: 

· One’s own bone from the body. It may be taken from the mouth or any other part. 
· Synthetic bone-like material 
· A cadaver or a cow 

The second step is observing your sinus anatomy and taking necessary measurements to evaluate the existing bone's width and height. After all, this is done, the dentist will then proceed to perform the procedure. 

The Augmentation Procedure 

The whole session will take approximately two hours to complete. First, the dentist will need to sedate the patient using anesthesia. He will then cut the area where the teeth used to be. After the jawbone has been exposed, the dentist will cut a small space to push on the sinus membrane. The hole is afterward filled with a predetermined bone graft, and the incision is closed with sutures. 

After The Sinus Life Surgery 

The doctor releases the patient after the anesthesia has worn off. Sometimes, the patient might experience a little discomfort, swelling, and minimal bleeding. To allow the area to heal, the doctor might recommend avoiding blowing the nose or sneezing not to loosen the stitches. It is advisable to follow instructions keenly and take all medications. A complete recovery might take close to six months, and then it will be safe to carry on with a dental implant. 

Safe Surgical Sinus Lift

Getting a sinus lift is a smooth process when done by qualified and experienced dentistry surgical specialists. The team at Sargon Dental offers all cosmetic and dental implant services. Schedule an appointment online to get comprehensive oral care.

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