Excellent Tips To Prevent Hammertoe

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Hammertoe is a common foot problem that, according to research, affects almost sixty million citizens living in the United States. Most people do not view it as a threat. Therefore, many people go undiagnosed and untreated. This could cause mobility issues by negatively affecting your foot health and preventing you from naturally carrying out daily activities. If you live in Naperville, hammertoe treatment is available at American Foot & Ankle Specialists. 

Hammertoe is caused by arthritis, genetics, diabetes, and problems with muscles that straighten your toes. Due to its harmful effects, it is good to reduce the risks of developing the condition and seek immediate medical attention at its earliest stages. Here are ways to prevent hammertoe: 

Using The Correct Footwear 

Go for the shoes with a wide toe box so that your toes can move and function normally. It is recommended that shoes allow for at least half an inch of room when standing. When necessary, try to avoid wearing shoes that raise your heel and cramp the toes, such as high heels. Before choosing shoes, fit it properly to make sure the toe position is not compromised. For those who have one foot larger than the other, the shoe choice should be made considering the bigger foot. 

Use Arch Supports 

Foot specialists might sometimes recommend orthotic supports. The use of such supports is easy since you will only need to insert them inside the shoe to prevent hammertoe. For those who have started developing the condition, orthotic supports will help slow down the progression of hammertoe. 

Consider The Risk Factors Of Your Hammertoe

Hammertoe will not just develop in a day, but develops slowly over time. Therefore, it is essential to know what is causing your problems. Reasons vary from muscle imbalance, age, trauma, or hereditary family disease. The doctor will help you determine the cause to reduce the condition’s progress in the early stages. Women are usually at higher risks than men. 

Learn To Practice Foot Stretches 

Having strong foot muscles will help reduce the chances of developing hammertoe. Practice exercises that will bend and stretch the toes. You can also massage each toe individually while curling and releasing it repeatedly. Experts recommend you use toe separators while sleeping to stretch leg muscles overnight. 

Use Pumice To Scrub 

Those with corns on their feet are advised to soften them in warm water before using pumice to carefully scrub the hardened tissue. After scrubbing, use a moisturizer to keep the area soft. Just be sure the scrubbing is gentle enough to avoid going below the skin as it could draw blood. 

Attend Regular Check-Ups 

Foot inspections are one of the important ways to prevent severe conditions. This can be more useful for people who have health issues like diabetes. However, they are not the only ones; everyone should get their feet checked. Attending regular check-ups will help detect foot conditions so treatment can begin immediately. 

Help Hammertoe & Hinder Hurting

Treating hammertoe is easier to treat as soon as it begins to develop, as it tends to become more challenging as it progresses. If it goes beyond your care, the specialists at American Foot & Ankle Specialists are happy to help. Book an appointment today online for hammertoe or other foot-related problems.

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