How To Prepare For Skin Laser Treatment

how to prepare skin laser treatment scar removal dermatology

Getting rid of scars, aging symptoms, and acne can be daunting, especially if conventional beauty remedies have failed. You now have one more option, a treatment such as a laser treatment. Before you book your appointment with the team of Registered Nurses and licensed Medical Aestheticians at Ideal MedSpa under the guidance of Lillian Schapiro, MA, below are some of the facts about McDonough laser treatment you need to know: 

Laser Treatment Technology Cannot Eliminate A Scar Completely 

Laser treatment works by concealing scars, not eliminating them. A dermatologist can place a laser scar on top of the scar limiting your face’s or neck’s movements. The procedure also helps to reduce pain or itches caused by the scar. 

The Success Rate Depends On The Dermatologist’s Skills 

In a case where you want to get a perfect hairstyle for your wedding, will you not look for a professional hairdresser and makeup artist? Of course, professional services come at a cost. This means you can only get value for your money if the service provider meets all your expectations. Laser treatment also works the same way. There is no way an incompetent dermatologist can give you the results you seek. Before you hire a dermatologist to treat scars, find out if they have what it takes to provide you with what you want. 

Your Doctor Must First Review Your Medical History Before Embarking On Laser Treatment 

Like any other skin resurfacing procedure, laser treatment can only be fruitful if medical reviews are conducted on a patient. Your skin doctor needs to know if you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you have had cold sores or fever blisters around your mouth, make sure you tell your doctor about it. Also, if you are taking any medications or supplements that can affect clotting, inform your doctor to reschedule the date for the treatment. 

As a patient, you should beware of doctors that are quick to conduct the procedure without interviewing you. You risk developing complications if your medical history is not reviewed. 

Stay Away From The Sun Before And After The Treatment 

Sunburns and tans are perfect recipes for disaster before and after laser treatment. When your skin is exposed to the sun's harsh UV rays, it becomes difficult for it to heal. If you have to walk under the sun, ensure your skin is well-protected. Apply SPF40 if you must to protect your skin from the sun's rays. 

The effectiveness of laser treatment can be combined with other treatment options If a patient has deep acne scars, a dermatologist may recommend that they get fillers as an added treatment option. So if your skin condition requires more than one treatment option, be open to it. 

Demystify Your Skin’s Health Through Laser Treatment 

Scars, fine lines, and wrinkles do not have to define how your skin should look. You can still gain youthful fullness through laser treatment. To find out how a skin laser treatment can help you, schedule a consultation with a dermatologist today.

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