Shoulder Pain: Signs And Treatment Options Available

shoulder pain signs

Most people underestimate the significant role their shoulders play until they cannot perform basic tasks such as brushing their teeth or even lifting an item from place to place. If you experience slight or severe pain in the shoulders, seek immediate medical attention. Fortunately, people can find effective pain relief solutions thanks to personalized Jacksonville shoulder pain care at Florida Regional Pain Management. Here are some crucial things that Shonith Manohar, MD, and his team want you to know about shoulder pain diagnosis and the treatment options. 

The Architecture Of The Shoulder 

Your shoulder is made up of three parts: 

1.      The Humerus / Upper Arm: It is a ball-like bone that occupies the socket in the shoulder blade. 

2.      Scapula / Shoulder Blade: It is the socket that keeps the humerus in place, allowing functions such as lifting, swinging, and rotating. 

3.      Collar Bone / Clavicle: It is the joint that supports both the upper arm and the clavicle. All three bones rely on each other to aid in shoulder movements. When any part has been injured, the shoulders may start experiencing pain. 

Signs That It Is Time To See A Doctor For Shoulder Pain 

Knowing when to see a doctor can be daunting, especially if you are not aware of what is causing the shoulder pain in the first place. While taking over-the-counter medications may seem like the easiest choice to make, they might only relieve the pain and not treat the underlying problem. Seek medical help if: 

·         You are unable to lift items using your arms 
·         Your shoulder pain causes sleep discomfort 
·         Raising your arm becomes a nightmare 
·         Notice inflammation on your joint 
·         You recently had an accident causing injury to your shoulders 
·         The shoulder pain does not go away after a few days 

All these signs are not normal. Do not shy away from getting a medical opinion from your primary doctor even if the pain keeps going and coming after taking medications. Your primary doctor is the best person to refer you to a pain specialist if traditional treatment options fail to bear fruits. 

Shoulder Pain Treatment Options 

The severity of your shoulder pain determines the treatment option a pain specialist may recommend.  For mild pain, home remedies such as enough rest, ice and heat applications, and prescribed medications may be used. But when it comes to chronic shoulder pain, a pain specialist may suggest steroid injections using a shot of cortisone or surgery. The latter is a conservative intervention that works by aligning the joints if an injury caused the pain. For every treatment option a doctor recommends, the correct diagnosis can go a long way in addressing the underlying cause of your shoulder pain. 

You Can Recover From Shoulder Pain 

Around 50 million Americans are battling joint-related pain. If you are suffering from shoulder pain, know that you are not alone. Most people that have gone for medical help have recovered, and are performing their everyday tasks immediately. To learn more about the causes of shoulder pain, schedule an appointment with your pain specialist today.

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