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Project management is referred to as the work of a leading team to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the project and meet success within the given constraints. Project management is also known as the backbone of every project as it increases its success rate. As the market is growing rapidly, all organizations need to deliver quality projects, and this is the reason why project management and the agile process are becoming more and more important each day. 

5 Stages Of Project Management 

• The first stage of project management is called project initiation; in this stage, the project goal is defined at a broad level. 

• The second stage is called project planning; this stage focuses on developing a roadmap so that everybody can follow it. 

• The third stage is called project execution, and this is the stage where deliverables are developed and completed. 

• The fourth stage is called project monitoring. In this stage, the progression of the project is measured, and it is a pain if everything is working as planned. 

• The 5th stage is called project closure, and the project is finally completed here. 

An SAFe certified agile professional helps to make sure each of these 5 project management steps goes smoothly.

SAFe SPC Certification 

The SPC is a SAFe program that is probably the highest level of certification SAFe has undoubtedly highly valued in the software industry. For all the individuals who just want to add the certification to their profile, Then it is not worth going for it; if you usually want to become an agile coach or want to implement or support SAFe, then this is the perfect choice for you. The "LEADING SAFE AGILIST CERTIFICATION" is also a very popular certification. And "LEADING SAFE AGILIST TRAINING" is proven to be very beneficial for individuals to earn the above certification. 

8 Tips To Pass And Score High Marks 

1. The first thing is you should read the material given by SAFe at least two times. And if any of the concepts are not clear to you, then you should refer to the official website of SAFe how to clear your doubts. The explanation get on that website is far better than any other place. 

2. The next thing is to click on the big picture and understand every item carefully. The better way to do this is to click on the item and read it about it so that all your concepts are clear. 

3. There are many specific links that are given in exam preparation materials; you should go through all the links at least twice for better understanding. Try to create notes for high-level titles which will help you to connect with questions in the exam. 

4. You should go for the practice test again and again if you score less than 80%. Because scoring low means you need more preparation for the examination. 

5. The exam guy eat clearly states the most important chapters from the syllabus, and the way you determine is based on the number of questions that appear from those respective chapters only. Anything above 10% is very important to study, and every concept should be well understood by you so that you don't face any problems during the exam. 

6. The most important thing is you should avoid searching for answers to the questions on the internet during the exam. It is easy to find the question, but the answer available may not be correct. You should study well and go by what you think is right. All the questions are prepared with variable thought processes, and if all your concepts are clear, then you won't find any difficulty in them. 

7. Reading the SAFe now book is highly recommended for the individuals before you go for the training or reading materials from SAFe. This book is for beginners, And it explains the concept in layman language. 

8. On the final day of the exam, make sure that you had eight hours of good sleep the last night. When you get the question paper, write the answers which you are the most confident about. Try to answer all of the questions and do not leave any blank. Review all your answers and Give your best effort in the SAFe SPC exam and try to score in the top percentile. 

Certification Conclusion

The above-mentioned tips are very necessary to pass and score high marks in the SAFe SPC Certification Exam to earn this certification. Keep them in min as you read the coursework, study, and take the test. Good luck on exam excellence to become an agile project management professional!

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