Improve Your Smile And Appearance With Quality Braces In New York

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A beautiful, healthy smile comes from a healthy oral system. A smile makes you more attractive hence, it is essential to smile more often. Regular brushing of teeth helps in fighting cavities and maintaining healthy gums and teeth.  A bad smile is unpleasant and may cause low confidence, which might harm your life, luckily there are treatments available to restore your smile and make it even more attractive. Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics specializes in providing comprehensive dental care to improve and enhance your smile by offering various services to make your smile better, including braces in Brooklyn, New York. To learn more about their services, call or book online to schedule your appointment. 

At Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics, Dr. Liebman is passionate about orthodontics and devotes to helping her patients smile achieve their desired smiles and oral health. She looks forward to giving everyone a healthy smiling experience for better life quality. She values the needs of her patients and looks forward to fulfilling them through personalized treatments. Dr. Liebman offers quality braces to align your teeth and enhance your smile. For a more appealing smile, visit Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics to enjoy their quality dental care. 

What Are Braces? 

Dental braces involve straightening or moving teeth for a more improved look. You can wear braces for various reasons, including the correction of crooked teeth and misaligned teeth. 

How Do Braces Work? 

Previously braces occurred by attaching brackets to each tooth. Usually, the brackets attach to the front of your teeth, but you can still have them on the back where a metal band will encircle your back molars. 

Braces involve a wire running through the brackets to attach to each metal band. During each visit, your provider hardens the wire. After some time, the wire and the bands exert pressure on your teeth, causing them to reposition. 

There are braces for both adults and children. For effective results, you are required to wear braces for one to three years. 

What Types Of Braces Are Available? 

There are different types of braces, but at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics, Dr. Liebman offers two types of braces, namely: 

·       Metal Braces 

Metal braces are the most common. They consist of stainless steel brackets and metal wires. Metal braces are more affordable compared to clear braces. They do not break easily; hence they are ideal for children and teenagers likely to take hard and sticky foods. 

·       Clear Braces 

Clear braces have ceramic brackets, unlike metal brackets in the case of metal braces. The braces resemble the color of your teeth; hence the braces might be hard to be noticeable with this orthodontic solution

How Do You Care For Your Braces?
Dr. Liebman offers various measures to care for your braces. They include: 

·       Brushing after every meal. 
·       Avoiding sticky foods. 
·       Avoiding hard or crunchy foods. 
·       Wearing a mouthguard when playing sports. 

It is also advisable to go for your check-ups and dental appointments, to tighten your braces, and improve your braces treatment. 

Brace Yourself For The Best Braces

To sum up, braces help solve various teeth problems, including crooked teeth, misalignment, more spaced teeth, and sticking out of teeth. Achieve your desired smile and level up your confidence with braces treatment. Visit Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics for services with proven excellent results.

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