Rid Your Eyes Of Unattractiveness And Flaunt A Youthful Look With An Eyelid Surgery

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Your eyes have a powerful way of showing your age, which could fail to be your exact chronological age. Why so? Your droopy eyelids. Whether genetically instigated or age-related, sagging eyelids will lower your eyes’ attractiveness and result in a tired and old set of eyes. Scarsdale eyelid surgery expert Dr. Schwarcz is a cosmetic surgeon and aesthetic specialist who believes that a cosmetic procedure should rejuvenate a patient and give her a youthful look with sharp contours. The professional uses the latest advancements to allow his patients to recover normally without prolonged downtime. 

Which Conditions Can An Eyelid Surgery Rectify? 

The surgical procedure that your doctor will recommend to enhance your vision can be done on both your lower or upper eyelids. The care provider will perform the procedure to improve your eyelids’ functionality or to rejuvenate your eyes’ surrounding areas, enhancing your appearance. Therefore, your surgeon will recommend the procedure if you have the following eye problems: 

· Sagging skin on your upper eyelid that is likely to impair vision 

· Fine wrinkles or excess skin on your lower eyelid 

· Drooping lower eyelids 

How Will You Know You Are An Eyelid Surgery Candidate? 

Before your doctor recommends the surgical procedure, he will evaluate your overall health and medical history. After that, he will assess your eyes and discuss your goals. You will be a qualified candidate for the procedure if: 

· You are healthy without underlying health conditions that will likely impair your healing process. 

· You have realistic goals 

· You are a nonsmoker 

· You do not have a history of severe eye problems 

What Are The Various Types Of Blepharoplasty? 

You can either contact your doctor for a cosmetic or a functional procedure to give you an alert and youthful appearance, depending on your eyes’ condition. 

Cosmetic blepharoplasty is usually not necessary and your surgeon will perform it to give your eyes sharp contours. On the other hand, your care provider will perform functional procedures for medical purposes. The procedure prompts your doctor to remove loose and excess skin from your upper eyelid if it drops low enough to impair your vision. Another functional issue is when you are having problems wearing sun-glasses because of sagging lower and upper eyelids. 

Other conditions that may prompt your doctor to perform an eyelid surgery include: 

· Irritation on your eyelids because of excess folds 

· Your forehead muscles’ straining to lift the baggy skin surrounding your eyelids 

What Should You Expect During Eyelid Surgery? 

Before the procedure, your doctor will sedate you with either local or general anesthesia. After sedation, he will make incisions on the treatment areas before removing excess skin and fat deposits. When he is through with removing excess fat and skin, the doctor will close your incisions and let you rest for a while. 

Your surgeon will also apply TotalFX CO2 laser on your treatment areas to rid your eyelids of fine wrinkles. The laser treatment also enhances collagen growth and resurfaces skin on your lower eyelids. 

Baggy skin around your eyes will impair your vision and lessen your eyes’ attractiveness. The good news is, your doctor can help you correct the lax on your eyes and give you a youthful look with eyelid surgery. Book an appointment today to learn more about eyelid surgery.

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