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medical weight loss

Trying to lose weight on your own is not an easy task, especially when you try to exercise and diet on your own. Using a one-size-fits-all program is not efficient in weight loss because it leads to failure, poor self-esteem, and weight gain in future. However, you should not be afraid of being overweight because weight loss in Chamblee can be managed by specialists who offer individuals with a unique and personalized approach to weight loss, thus enabling you to meet your goal. After following the plan given to you by the specialist you can lose weight and maintain it long-term. 

What Is Medical Weight Loss? 

Medical weight loss refers to a fully customized program that is offered to take into account your current lifestyle, existing medical conditions, weight loss goals, and other factors that are unique to your situation. The weight loss plan may entail counseling support, diet and exercise recommendations, and appetite-suppressant medications. Professional supervision by medical staff and qualified dietitians are all included in a weight loss program. One receives the support they need to safely and successfully lose weight while having your health managed continuously. Medical weight loss offers every individual with ways of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. 

What Treatments Are Included With Medical Weight Loss? 

The health care providers are well experienced in working with a wide variety of patients to enable them to lose the weight they need to be healthy. They normally use a combination of treatment options including drug therapy and low-calorie diets. In the case of one being notably overweight and weight loss can improve health markers, you may qualify for appetite suppressants prescription to help you stick to your plan and goal. 

What Kind Of Diet And Nutritional Support Is Provided With Medical Management? 

Throughout the entire program you are counseled one-on-one and in support groups. For those who are interested in preparing meals and cooking, a registered dietitian is assigned to work closely with you to enable you to come up with healthy, new eating habits and well-balanced menu plans. The dietitians are also there to answer some questions concerning your nutrition during weight loss. They are also available to discuss nutrition in terms of diabetes, pregnancy, hypertension, sports nutrition, cholesterol, eating disorders, and weight gain. 

Is There A Weight Loss Program For Children? 

For children and adolescents aged between eight and eighteen years they all can benefit from a medical weight loss program. The main goal of this medical weight loss program is to enable your child to learn how exercise and nutrition can affect their overall health. The weight loss plan can also help your child maintain a normal healthy weight throughout their life. 

Some of the benefits of weight loss include improvements in blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugars. Weight loss reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases related to being overweight and obese, including heart disease. New eating and physical activity habits allow one to live a healthier lifestyle and thus enabling you to maintain that weight loss over time. 

Weight Loss Works

In summary, if you are interested in getting started with your medical weight loss plan, call or contact Lenox Medical Clinic today for more information. Treatments including low-calorie diets and drug therapy are offered to help you reduce the excess weight.

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