The Most Common Business Administration Jobs

most common business administration jobs

Studying business administration will arm you with several core business skills and fundamental knowledge to pursue various career paths. 

You'll gain confidence in key principles of business such as finance, accounting, and project management, which can give you workplace flexibility in the future. And possessing this type of flexibility is crucial in a now ever-changing employment market. 

Here are some of the most common business administration jobs you can aim for if you choose to dedicate your time to the subject. And the best part is, studying business administration can lead to direct employment! 

Digital Sales and Marketing 

With the monumental expanse of companies selling their products and services on the internet, there's plenty of demand for digital sales and marketing professionals in the job market. 

The number of specific job roles within sales and marketing is too many to count. Yet, with so many job roles out there, it means one could fit your wants and needs perfectly. 

By getting a business administration degree, you demonstrate that you have the dedication and ability to comprehend a range of practical concepts. Plus, you'll have solid foundations in a subject that many sales and marketing departments or companies will appreciate. 

Human Resources 

Human resources management and behavior are typically aspects that are studied within a business administration course. 

When you have the theoretical and practical knowledge of how to handle HR in a company, you suddenly become more employable. Every established company needs HR specialists, and jobs in this field can be gratifying if you are well organized and enjoy working with people. 

Business Consultant 

Studying a 60-week AAS degree, for instance, could set you on a pathway towards business or management consultancy. 

When equipped with a wide range of business knowledge and skills, they can be used to analyze real-life scenarios in business. After studying such things as quantitative methods and business decision-making, you could be in a position to advise companies on the best course of action. 

You may advise on how to increase revenue by recommending structural changes or systems within an organization, for example. 

Event Planning 

Whether it's planning meetings, conventions, or other events, an event planner must be on the top of their game in their job role. 

Event planners need multiple skillsets, and many of these are provided within the study of business administrations. 

For example, studying business administration will teach you about accomplishing goals, planning effectively, organizing, directing, and controlling many aspects of a business. Event planners need many of these skills to manage large teams, coordinate logistics, and meet deadlines on time. 

Business Administration Jobs 

Business administration is one of those subjects with a good balance of theory and applicable skills that can serve you well in the job market. 

The business administration jobs we've looked at are just some examples of the direction you could choose to take in your business administration career. 

Ultimately, studying business administration should be seen as a stepping stone that projects you upwards, potentially much quicker than other pathways. Plus, you'll likely benefit so much more from a leaner, meaner, and more strategic mindset when you complete your course. 

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