How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System? A Complete Guide

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Worried about the duration of CBD’s stay in your system? 

If you consume CBD products for health and fitness reasons, you might worry about CBD showing up on a drug test. It’s uncommon for this scenario to happen. However, with enough trace amounts of THC, it might cause you to test positive. 

Regardless, the question remains when it comes to cannabidiol. 

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System? 

Read on, and let’s find out. How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System? Your body’s fat cells store CBD. In theory, it’s detectable for days or weeks when using a blood test. 

Most employers don’t care whether their employees use a non-intoxicating drug. It’s especially so when they take them for medicinal purposes. For example, most CBD users take the drug to treat either pain or anxiety. 

How Long Does CBD Last? 

For CBD to take effect, you must absorb enough of the compound. It often depends on the consumption method. Some will take away most of the substance’s benefits. 

For example, swallowing CBD is one of the most inefficient ways. It forces the drug to pass through your liver. This means only about 5% of the CBD will get into your bloodstream. 

If you want to absorb the most CBD, opt for smoked or vaped CBD products. For non-smokers, the best alternative is to use CBD oil tinctures. You can apply these under the tongue. 

Inhaled CBD reaches the brain faster than any other method. The effects are more immediate and prominent. You need not worry since the therapeutic effects are available for all CBD products. 

It all depends on your dosage. To get the best doses, experiment your way through. Start with the lowest dose and work your way until you find the sweet spot. 

CBD’s effects go away after a few hours. It highly depends on your method, dosage, and other factors. If you feel the pain return, use CBD to ward it off. 

How Long Is CBD Detectable? 

CBD will dissipate from your body rapidly. Most studies estimate that CBD’s half-life is between 2 to 5 days. When taken orally, CBD will leave your body’s system within 11 to 28 days. 

However, it’s often undetectable on blood tests before the duration elapses. 

As for vaped or smoked CBD, their half-life in blood plasma is a lot shorter. It often lasts for a few hours, nothing more. Regular users take longer to clear the substance from their system. 

It’s rare for experts to study the duration of CBD’s detectability in urine. However, some studies claim that it’s 24 hours on average. It’s not a big deal since standard drug tests often exclude CBD. 

Can You Fail Drug Tests With CBD? 

As said above, most drug tests won’t include CBD since it’s not psychoactive. It’s in cannabis products, but it’s not the compound that gets you high. Worry if you take THC since it’s the substance responsible for this effect. 

How does CBD make you feel? It’s often soothing, relaxing, and pain-relieving. At the same time, you maintain a clear mind. 

Some CBD products have trace amounts of THC. The FDA approves up to 0.3% THC for CBD products. Even so, it sometimes shows up on a drug test. 

Depending on your current location, the drug test may fail. If you don’t consume cannabis, the trace THC leaves your system within three days. 

How to Avoid THC in CBD Products 

The best step is to look for CBD products without THC content. You have two choices: CBD isolates and broad-spectrum CBDs. The former is the purest form of CBD, removing all other cannabinoids. 

Athletes and people undergoing drug tests regularly use CBD isolates. It often comes as an oil or cream for treating pain. 

A broad-spectrum CBD product has all-natural cannabinoids except for THC. During the manufacturing process, it isolates and removes the THC. The other cannabinoids help magnify the product’s beneficial effects. 

The best part is that these broad-spectrum cannabinoids won’t appear in drug tests. They only aim to detect psychoactive substances like THC. If the substance can’t intoxicate you, you won't have to worry about the drug tests. 

Avoid Mislabeled Products 

Some studies say certain CBD products contain more THC than they claim. It’s a small number, but their THC levels are high enough to impair your judgment. It means they’re likely to make you fail a drug test. 

Mislabeled CBD products are a worsening issue for Americans. Most theorize that the high levels are due to the hemp plants’ THC level measurements. They often base their measurement on the plant’s dry weight. 

Sometimes, the dry weight content won’t be equal to the finished products. It’s also confusing since each state determines the sampling and testing process. It means the way each state determines THC levels vary. 

When sampling hemp plants, the THC content increases the closer you are to the flower. It’s why a lot of people are pushing for a form of uniformity. Taking a look at Sativa vs Indica comparison can help you determine their THC levels. Choosing the right CBD oil option for you can make a difference in your drug test results for THC levels.

To avoid mislabeled products, look for manufacturers with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). It shows their third-party lab tests for CBD, THC, and other compounds. If they can’t, look for tested CBD products. 

What to Do After a Failed Drug Test 

The effects of CBD are great, but failing your drug test may result in termination. Before it gets complicated, it’s better to talk to your employer. Prepare your doctor’s notes that you’re taking CBD products, not THC. 

Gather as much evidence as possible. Show your CBD oil bottle and other pieces of evidence to your employer. Through proper dialogue, you’ll resolve the misunderstanding. 

Use CBD for Healthier Living Today! 

These are some factors to consider when answering the question, "how long does CBD stay in your system?" These are important if your workplace has strict substance use guidelines and you don't want to fail a drug test from CBD oil THC

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