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Everyone wants to keep their physical health fit and intact. Exercising blindly without set goals to achieve can be at times challenging. To exclusively achieve your set targets, you need to keep your public health records in check. 

Daniel Maenner, DO, a family medicine specialist at The Doctor’s House, has profound knowledge, experience, and expertise in health assessment, examination, and record-keeping of his patients' health information for reviews, references, and determining future potential risk and how to curb them. Dr. Daniel conducts an annual physical exam in West New York with colonoscopies and screening test services. To get these exclusive health services, call the office in West New York or schedule an appointment today. 

QuestionsAnd Answers On Annual Physical Exam 

What Is An Annual Physical Examination? 

Annual Physical Examination consists of several simple routine tests to determine your primary caregiver's health status to keep your general health in check. The tests are performed for helping to foresee any potential health hazard in the future and how to prevent the situation from occurring. In any case, the health care provider notices a future risk and can begin administering treatment right away or refer you for extensive testing. The check is also referred to as a wellness check, and note that you don't need to be ill to seek a physical exam. 

What Is The Benefit Of Annual Physical Exam? 

The physical examination enables your caregiver to assess your overall health condition. The wellness check allows opening up to your physician on any signs you could be experiencing or other health challenges you supposedly have. The reasons for the exam include: 

·       Detect any slight health challenge that would otherwise be a future health hazard. 

·       To ensure some immunizations are up to date. 

·       To build and strengthen the bond between you and your primary caregiver. 

·       Check for any signs and symptoms of a potential disease to start early treatments. 

·       To keep a record of your healthy exercise routine and the required diet. 

It is advisable to get a physical exam at least once a year. It is beneficial to the elderly for fifty years and above. 

How Do I Prepare for A Physical Exam? 

The Doctor's House encourages you to make an appointment and have preparation on: 

1.     The list of symptoms you may be experiencing. 

2.     Medical or surgical history. 

3.     The list of the ongoing medication you are on like herbal supplements or over-the-counter drugs. 

4.     In case you have an implanted device like a pacemaker, carry a copy of the back and front picture of the device. 

5.     If you have contacts with any other doctors you might have seen. 

6.     Any other questions you would like to be answered. 

How Is The Annual Physical Exam Done? 

·       You might be asked questions about your medical history. 
·       The doctor can start by examining your body for unusual physical marks. 
·       The doctor will have you lie down to inspect your organ size, location, texture, and tenderness. 
·       May use a stethoscope to listen to your lungs and intestines. 
·       The physician will also check your height, pulse, and weight. 

The Annual Physical Exam time is your opportunity to pose any health-related question, so ensure you freely ask about all you need to know. To learn or get these services at The Doctor's House, call the office or plan an appointment today.

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