Why AWS Cost Optimization Should Be Part Of A Cloud Strategy

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One of the main reasons why companies move their workload to cloud services is for economic benefits. However, many firms ignore the opportunity to make higher AWS cost optimization as they are satisfied with the initial OpEx and CapEx gains. Even if they move their workloads to AWS (Amazon Web Services), most of them retain the approach they used on the physical infrastructure. But they might fail to see that this approach might end up costing more than them saving up. 

This is one of the main things that the in-house technology lacks, the operational, architectural, and financial knowledge to manage costs. Hence, AWS Premier Consulting Partners are available to ensure that the company's current cloud strategy is integrated with the AWS cloud and cost optimization is maintained. 

Begin By Understanding The Present Cost Of The Company 

A good AWS cost optimization application in the company requires gaining a deep understanding of the company's current costs, identifying opportunities for cost optimization, and then implementing the new ones. Software like SWS provides those tools for the customers to understand the pattern of expenses. Additionally, the consultants will be required to implement things like using appropriate tools, system analysis and results, and other changes to make the work optimized. They ensure that these changes do not affect the security or the performance of the company negatively. 

Cost Management Tools That Companies Must Have 

AWS issues cost management tools to help companies understand how they are using their resources and how to save them. 

1) The AWS Cost-Usage Report 

This provides a detailed report of the day-to-day or the hour-to-hour usage of all the company's resources, their use, and the cost incurred. 

2) Cost Explorer 

This tool provides aggregate and detailed reports that can be custom-designed, including charts and tabular data to understand and manage company expenses. This tool also allows to filter different costs and usage and group them to identify any recurring trends, detect anomalies and manage the factors influencing the costs. 

3) Cloud Watch 

It is an efficient tool that gathers and tracks metrics and provides an insight into the performance of the application and utilization of resources. 

4) CloudCheckr And CloudHealth 

They provide detailed billing analytics of the company. CloudCheckr, for instance, can identify unused and idle resources and services, mismatched EC2 (Electronic Compute Cloud), and provide suggestions for resource re-sizing. 

What Are The Cost-Cutting Opportunities That An AWS Consulting Partner Can Find? 

There are numerous tools available to understand and analyze the current cost of the company. With a thorough understanding of the company's business goals and the AWS environment, they can create a custom dashboard containing default usage reports and cost management reports. There are some changes that they can make to lower expenditure, and they are: 

1) Taking The Spot Instances Into Account 

They help find EC2 on sale, which are largely unused and available at steep discounts. If the company has a little flexibility about a few interruptions when their applications run, the EC2 costs can be lowered using Spot instances. 

2) Substituting Monolithic Applications 

Consultants can help replace old applications with high-performance, cost-efficient, and highly specific tasks like AWS Lambda functions. 

3) Identifying And Removing Unused Resources 

They help determine the resources that are no longer in use in the production units, testing, and development and remove them from consuming the company's resources and additional costs. 

4) Adding the Most Efficient Resources 

The consultants refer to the AWS cloud's performance data, and they make sure that the right services and resources are used in the company to provide maximum efficiency. 

5) Using Additional AWS Services 

Additional AWS services like CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, and CodeBuild are implemented to ensure organized and automated deployment processes. 

Overall Benefits Of Having An AWS Cost Optimization Strategy 

A strong foundation for an AWS cost optimization strategy can be laid by working with a consultant from an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. Many companies may find it difficult to analyze their resources, cost, suggesting changes, and implementing improvements, when done alone. Due to this, numerous businesses end up impacting their performance and security. This can happen because of under-providing the resources or not attempting to take full advantage of the AWS infrastructure. But working with AWS Premier Consulting Partners like Mission can help companies avoid these issues and make the expenses more economical. With continuous monitoring of the cost and resources and AWS cost optimization methods, the company is bound to make significant gains.

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