Vital Recovery Tips For Root Canal

root canal recovery tips

A root canal is a regular dental procedure that Kenneth Higgins, DDS, a cosmetic & general dentist in Grand Prairie, TX, will recommend for your severe tooth decay that has caused the infection to your pulp. If you have just gone through the procedure, or are yet to undergo the procedure and have concerns about how long it will take for you to feel like yourself again; know that you play an important factor in it. There is more you need to discover concerning helping yourself after the procedure, the following tips can help. 

How To Treat Your Mouth 

Immediately after the root canal procedure, your mouth will not be the same for a while. Therefore, it is good to pay attention to how it feels and manage it. You can experience swelling and pain, so you need to plan how you will manage it. First, don’t attempt to eat anything before the numbing is gone, or you will make it worse. Use an ice pack to manage the swelling, and as you sleep, elevate your head to avoid irritation. 

Of course, you won’t go hungry until you fully recover. However, it would help if you plan your meals appropriately. You can first consider nutritious foods such as soups, soft foods, and smoothies that are easy to eat without much chewing. 

The less you interfere with your mouth, the better. Therefore, if you are a smoker, it would help if you stop smoking for the next few days. 

Don’t Exercise For A Few Days 

Exercises should be a part of your life but not during this time. Any surgery, including mouth surgery's recovery, can be affected significantly by exercise. Therefore, it is good to ask your doctor how long you should avoid exercising, as it can cause bleeding or make you feel achy. When it is time to get back to your exercises, it is best to take it easy. Return to your schedule gradually and begin with simple exercises designed for those recovering from surgery. 

Invest In Rest 

Just like any other surgical recovery, rest is critical for optimal root canal recovery. Although most people don't look at the procedure as other severe surgical procedures, please ensure you get enough rest, including getting as much sleep as possible. This will help you experience a faster recovery and get back to your quality of life as soon as possible. If you can, take a day or two off from work, this will help your body heal optimally. Besides, you minimize the risks that can be increased by working or moving around. 

Heed To How You Feel And Contact Your Doctor 

You are not yet done with your doctor, as you recover, please pay close attention to how you are feeling and report to your provider. You can tell if you are improving or your condition is deteriorating. Certain root canal side-effects such as swelling and pain should subside after a day or two. If you experience these symptoms for two days after your procedure, let your provider know. 

Please note that your recovery after the root canal procedure is critical, and you should work with your provider to ensure that all goes well. Following the tips above can improve your recovery and help you feel better as soon as possible.

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